Monday, August 23, 2010

Xerox Secure Print

Xerox Secure PrintWorried abut scanning you or your company's confidential documents? Why wouldn't you be? With the amount of identity theft and the like going on in today's society you can never be too careful about who may find your confidential information. The good news is that the nice folks over at Xerox have come up with a secure print feature to help keep those confidential files exactly that, confidential.

Xerox's new Secure Print feature is perfect if you do not want your confidential or private documents left in the output tray, at risk of being read or even stolen. Secure Print allows you to control the print timing of your documents giving you the ability to optimize your print solution by using a workgroup device to print all of your documents.

In the past, you may have printed documents like these from a personal printer. With Xerox Secure Print you can save yourself a ton of money in paper and ink by turning workgroup printer into your own personal printer. The process is pretty simple. Print the file and in the print properties section select Secure Print from the menu. Then come up with a unique password and send your document to be printed. The job is held in the job list until you release it. When you get to the device control panel, punch in your password and the document prints immediately.

Another cool feature is that if you have multiple documents in the queue being held by the same password, they will all be printed at once making it exceptionally easy to collect all of your important documents at once. One of the best things about Secure Print is that you do not have to go out to a store and buy some fancy new hardware because it is completely downloadable. All you have to do is type in Xerox Secure Print in your search bar, grab the download and follow the instructions.

Xerox Secure Print is the best way to keep those classified and personal documents away from watchful eyes.

Source: Office Product News

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fujitsu Earns Business Solutions Magazine's 2010 Best Channel Product Award

Business Solutions Magazine Best Channel Product 2010Fujitsu is the market leader in document imaging scanners and services which is a pretty nice title they can show off to their customers. But now, thanks to Business Solutions Magazine, Fujitsu has another title they can show off to their customers, "2010's Best Channel Products". Last week Fujitsu announced that their scanners have been recognized by Business Solutions Magazine and value added resellers as "Best Channel Products for 2010".

Fujitsu competed against multiple manufacturers but their products, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, ScanSnap fi-6010N Network iScanner, fi-6130, fi-6140, fi-6670, fi-6800 and fi-5900C scanners all earned high marks in the ECM Hardware category for richness of features and functionality, product reliability and durability, ease of integration and upgrade and the VAR's ability to service.

According to Vice President of Marketing at Fujitsu Computer Products of America Scott Francis, "Fujitsu prides itself on listening to and collaborating with our partners, and we are honored to be recognized by the channel industry for having best-in-class products. Fujitsu's approach to the channel - premium products at very competitive prices, delivered with the highest possible margins for our partners - makes for a winning combination. Hats off to all those who have contributed to this success and sincere thanks to the channel for its support and confidence in Fujitsu."

The award given to Fujitsu by the Business Solution Magazine is based on a survey that was conducted from late April through the end of May. The survey asked the publication's VAR subscribers to rate their partners in a total of 7 different categories which included Product Features, Product Reliability and Product Innovation. There were a grand total of 16,656 votes cast by over 1,400 verified BSM resellers which made this vote one of the largest surveys of its kind. The vote came to the conclusion that the scanning products from Fujitsu were ranked exceptional and a favorite among resellers all across the United States.

Source: Office Product News

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