Monday, June 13, 2011

The V.34 Fax Standard

fax machineWhen it comes to businesses communicating with other businesses and with customers, no solution is quite as important or quite as cost-effective as a fax. You may be thinking that fax machines are something you would only see in a movie from the 80's or in your grandpa's home office, but that isn't the case. Over 90% of businesses in the United States have fax machines in the office. In addition to that, the sales of fax machines has maintained a slow, yet steady increase over the past few years.

A lot of people and businesses have tried to forgo using a fax machine by instead opting to use emails. However, despite the growing popularity of emails, more then 7.5 million fax machines were sold in 2002 alone. To help stay the obsolescence of fax machines, a lot of manufacturers have made some recent advancements in fax technology. These advancements have resulted in a renewed interest in faxing in the business environment. One such advancement was the introduction of the V.34 fax standard. The V.34 fax standard is something that can help businesses increase productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

The V.34 fax standard, which was developed by the International Telecommunications Union, is the standard for full-duplex modems, sending and receiving data across phone lines at up to 33.6 Kbps. This is a huge improvement over the previous V.17 standard which ran at only 9.6 Kbps and allows the V.34 standard to achieve faster transmission times per fax page as well as greater adaptability to varying line conditions and a reduction in the number of resends per fax. These improvements result in cost savings from reduced fax phone bills.

Advancements like the V.34 standard are keeping the fax machine industry alive and kicking and are helping a lot of businesses save time and money.

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