Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Save Money by Outsourcing Print Management

Outsourcing Print ManagementPrinting goes on a lot in your average office, however, many company heads do not realize just how much they are spending on office printing. In most offices there is absolutely no effort to manage and control printing costs. The good news is that there are a lot of things out there that an outsourcing company can do to help, like implementing new remote print monitoring technology. This can really help you measure and control printing costs.By reading printer usage data from your printer, you can create a platform for a three step process that can save you a lot of money.

The first step is understanding your current costs. Take some readings of your printer volumes. This information can be used to determine your usage patterns. Then the company you are outsourcing to can look at the supply costs of your vendors to determine your total cost of ownership.

The next step is outsourcing the management of your printers. This will give you immediate cost reductions. Switching to a cost-per-page payment plan which includes printer supplies, help desk support and onsite service will guarantee that you are paying only for the things you actually need. A single invoice will make it easy to manage all of your expenses.

The final step includes your outsourcing company reviewing your quarterly usage patterns. They will then help you discover ways to reduce both your short term and long term costs by updating old technology and exploring electronic document management for your business. If you want to immediately cut costs and operate efficiently, then this is the system you want to use.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Think Before You Copy

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens to the digital image of the document you are copying after all of your copies have been rendered? Most likely not. At least it seems that the average person who is copying those last minute documents doesn’t think about the copy machine after they are finished using it or question the fate of the digital image that the machine makes in order to produce the copies. Most of use just make our copies and assume that the digital version of our document simply gets relegated to the void.

The truth is, however, almost every copier since 2002 contains its own hard drive, and unless someone takes care to wipe that hard drive, the digital replications of the hard documents being scanned simply get stored. This wouldn’t be a worry if all documents being scanned and copied were trivial ones, containing information useless to most people. We all know, however, that copiers are nearly indiscriminately used to copy trivial and sensitive information alike. This means that when someone copies or scans social security numbers, bank statements, medical records, etc., there is a corresponding digital copy being stored on the hard drive of the copy machine.

Armen Keteyian reported in a CBS news article that John Juntunen, owner of the Sacramento-based company Digital Copier Security, took CBS News to a warehouse in New Jersey in order to see how difficult it would be to purchase a used copier loaded with documents, and Keteyian reports that it is actually pretty easy. For about $300 each Juntunen bought four machines, which he would then pull the hard drives from and scan them using forensic software available to anyone for free. Juntunen found everything from police reports, to pay stubs with names, addresses and social security numbers, and $40,000 in copied checks. Warehouses storing these used copiers are a plentiful wellspring for identity thieves.

This is alarming, or at least it should be. Despite Juntunen’s efforts to raise public awareness and concern for the problem, however, his message is mostly falling on deaf ears. One cannot help but wonder why this is, but I will mostly attribute it to the prosaic and mundane nature of the task of copying documents. After all, why would the hapless secretary who is trying to wrap up her final task on a Friday afternoon (which happens to be making a few copies) give a second thought to the security of the document she is copying, when what is really occupying her mind is what pair of shoes she should wear for girls' night out? The bottom line is, despite how mundane the tasks involving copiers might be, the security threat is very real and not as remote as it might seem. So it is highly prudent that individuals and businesses first of all be mindful of what they are about to copy; if the document contains sensitive information, but it is not absolutely compulsory that it be copied, then simply do not copy it. If the document must be copied, however, one should take measures to ensure that the machine they use is secure. Businesses especially can take such measures and regularly wipe the hard drives of their copiers.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Document Security Requires More than Just Shredding

document shreddingEvery single company in the world has documents that they need to process every single day. Whether it be contracts, invoices, receipts, purchase orders, memos or documents containing sensitive information, your company uses documents all the time. But what do you do with these documents once they are no longer of use to you? Well, throwing them away is a horrible idea, at least while they are intact, so most companies shred them. But, is that enough?

Do you take the time that is necessary to ensure that your company's documents are stored, backed up, processed, delivered and destroyed properly? My guess is no. Even with the electronic and digital age we are coming into, paper documents are still widely used. However, you can easily transfer paper documents into digital copies in order to keep them more secure than your average filing cabinet.

In many companies people tend to find document management an inconvenient, as well as expensive, way to reduce productivity. However, this is definitely not the case at all. On the contrary, document management allows your employees to find the information they need faster. Your employees will not have to waste their time sifting through endless file cabinets to find something that they don't even know has been filed properly. A document management system allows your staff to access a document right from their very own desktop, and it also gives you a record of every person that accesses it.

Aside from ease of use, an electronic document management system gives you an easy opportunity to create a quick backup of all of your business information and data. Should something like a natural disaster occur, you will have the ability to regain all of your vital data from an off-site source. So, remember that there are a lot of different things that go into making your documents secure; just make sure you take all the precautions necessary.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Print Management Equals Profits

Despite making a product or providing a service deemed useful by the owner or president, a company's main goal is to make profit. Let's be honest, aside from strictly non-profit organizations, all companies do what they do to make money. And why shouldn't they? I mean, money provides a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on your table, to say the least, so it is in no way surprising to see companies trying the "crazy" idea of making a profit.

Now making a profit is good and all, but almost every company wants to turn a profit in the easiest, fastest way possible. That is where print management comes in. Printers and copiers have slowly become a staple in nearly every single business process. The only problem with this is that the cost of printing documents can skyrocket which, in turn, could seriously affect profit margins. Considering what dire economic times we are in, it isn't hard to see why companies all over the world are looking for ways to better balance their budgets and cut costs wherever possible.

If you have proper print management, your company will have the ability to track your cost of printing on a daily basis. This will not only reduce costs by allowing you to control print volumes through standard, default settings, but also manage your supply order effectively and easily. By doing this you will be able to properly manage your company's print costs as well as be able to accurately charge back to projects, departments or clients.

Probably the most valuable benefit to proper print management tools is the ability of your company to set print default settings. This allows you to ensure that large documents are sent to the most cost-effective device every single time and that duplexed printing is used whenever possible. By doing this your company can save a ton of paper and even lower your power bill allowing you to be a greener company all around. Effective print management doesn't cause disruption in the productivity of your company while at the same time increases your company's overall profits.

Print management is definitely the way to go for any business out there who wants to save money (let's be honest, that's pretty much all of you). Many companies think that it takes some fancy new piece of equipment or a highly skilled employee to reduce costs when all it really takes is some proper management of your everyday office equipment.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Xerox Employees Receive Earth Awards

Earth AwardsDo you remember the time, not too long ago, when everybody was obsessed with making things as small as possible? Well, people are still like that today, including the people over at Xerox Corporation who have been asking themselves just how small is too small? Confused? Well, the employees over at Xerox asked themselves that when they were trying to develop the smallest possible package for ColorQube solid ink. And what they came up with was a smaller package primarily made up of recycled material. Oh, and did I mention that this was one of Xerox's many green, employee-driven innovations which saved the company nearly $10.2 million while simultaneously eliminating 2.6 million pounds of waste this year?

According to Patty Calkins, Vice President of Xerox, "For 17 years our Earth Awards program has showcased how employees improve the business - and benefit the world - by eliminating waste. Xerox employees have a strong sense of pride attached to our legacy of being environmentally conscious."

There were over 30 nominations from Xerox facilities around the world this year including facilities in countries such as France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Judges took into consideration innovation, direct benefits to Xerox, duration of the project and the documented, measurable results of each and every entry. All in all a total of 13 winners were selected including two teams from Wilsonville, Oregon, two teams from Webster, New York, one team from Groveport, Ohio, one team from Ontario, Canada and one team from Dundalk, Ireland.

This is definitely a big day for Xerox as earning Earth Awards is a huge statement for any company. It is really an awesome thing to see companies that care so much for the environment, and it is even better to see them get rewarded for it in the end.

Source: Office Product News
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Not Do More With Less with Document Management?

Document ManagementIf you work for a company or a business, then I can almost guarantee that you work with paper documents in nearly every single business process. Whether your employees need to retrieve information for one of your many important clients or they need to search for past documents to complete a project, their time adds up pretty fast.

This time adds up so fast, in fact, that a recent study found that workers such as attorneys, doctors and accountants can spend well over 35% of their time dealing with documents. For people with important jobs like these, especially doctors, 35% is way too much time. What's even worse is that over half of this time is spent just searching for the documents.

You can drastically improve your company's productivity by switching to a document management system. In addition to that a document management system can also provide instant access to your entire database of information and data.

You can now Do More with Less. I'd be a fool to think that you do not want your business to grow. However, chances are that you think this means your staff will have to grow. Contrary to what many believe, a document management system allows you to automate certain processes letting you do more with less. This will empower your staff to work faster and more efficiently.

Be prepared for Better Customer Service. By giving your staff access to documents as well as data at the click of a mouse, customer inquiries are simple and fast. Your customers won't have to sit on hold for long periods of time any longer or wait for a call back. Your staff will be able to access all the necessary information instantaneously and even answer more calls throughout the day.

Get ready to Reduce Frustration. Employees can easily become dissatisfied with their jobs if they are forced to spend a majority of their time searching for information. Reduce their frustration with instant access to documents and keep them happy. This will not only reduce turnover, but new employees will be able to catch on quickly.

So, if you want to make your company run smoother and keep your customers and employees happy, then consider investing in a document management system. It may be one of the best business decisions you make.

Source: Office Product News
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Increase Productivity by Consolidating Business Documents

Consolidate Business DocumentsIf you have ever owned or worked in a business, then you know that information and documents are stored in many different locations. With documents stored everywhere finding them and organizing them can be a real hassle. Even if you do have the space to dedicate all your filing cabinets to, there is still a ton of information that lies within email inboxes and computer hard drives.

If you trust your employees to use this information as necessary, then this may not seem like a big deal. On the other hand, what happens if an employee moves on to a different company? Fragmented storage can severely damage the productivity of your team if they lose a single member.

A delay in finding critical information can not only frustrate your employer but also damage customer satisfaction as well as extend billing cycles. It is because of reasons such as these that it is imperative that you take control of your data and create a system that can handle all the documents whether they be paper or digital. Thankfully, new technologies have arisen that allow the convergence of every type of document including paper, digital and email into one solitary system.

Scanners and Multifunction Systems give your office the opportunity to convert paper documents into your everyday digital formats like PDF files quickly and easily. Once this happens, these newly formatted documents can then be sent as email attachments or can even be directed to a network folder.

Optical Character Recognition software can convert any text you have previously scanned into editable text. This ensures that all your employees will not have to waste time re-entering data.

Electronic Document Management Systems provide a central repository for any and all scanned images, electronic documents and emails. What this basically means is that you can find everything you need with one simple search.

By creating a single repository for all of your company's documents and data, you can guarantee that productivity amongst your employees will increase. All of your employees will also gain access to any and all information they might need without ever leaving the comfort of their desk.

Follow these tips and you could easily increase company productivity as well as document management ensuring that every document, not just the important ones, is in one secure location that is easily accessible by all of your employees.

Source: Office Product News
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Rent a Copier for the Holidays?

This holiday season is the same as every other holiday season for businesses. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the best time of the year to advertise and promote a business and let everyone know what you're all about. At the beginning of October most businesses switch into high gear and advertise harder than they have all year, and the perfect opportunity to ease the workload is by renting a copier. Many businesses are familiar with computer rental, but it may be time to consider a copier as well.

Some business owners scoff at the idea at renting such a heavy piece of machinery for a short period of time such as the holidays, but with a good copier the possibilities are endless. The most obvious use for holiday advertising with a copier are print fliers. They may seem pointless in such a tech heavy age, but no email makes as much of an impact as a paper and ink flier that is tangible in a potential customer's hand. While an email will simply be dragged to the trash folder, a paper flier will go from the customer's hand, to their kitchen table, possibly to another family member's hand, and countless other places before it hits the waste bin.

A good copier is versatile and can do a lot more than print out papers. Sticking in a potential customer's mind can be difficult, so business cards are always good to have on hand. Copiers that are more heavy-duty can handle other media besides paper and spit out hundreds of business cards effortlessly, and this can save a lot of money for business owners who have been ordering business cards from third party companies.

Another potential idea for a rented copier is printing out mailers for repeat customers. This seems similar to passing out paper flier advertisements, but mailing things to loyal customers adds a personal touch. Sending something in the mail to customers in the business's address database can let the customer know that they're not just another faceless spender and remind them of why they shopped there in the first place. Having a copier rented can make this process much easier and expedite it quite a bit.

While a copier is a large machine that would cost a good chunk of change to purchase, renting a copier can make advertising for the holiday season a breeze. Reaching customers is the first step in making lasting business-customer relationships, and with a copier it is effortless to do so.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

EFI Fiery Servers Power Xerox's New Color 550/560 Printer

Xerox LogoEFI began shipping two Fiery servers for the new Xerox Color 550/560 Printer last Friday. The EX Print Server, which is powered by Fiery, as well as the Integrated Fiery Color Server enhance productivity and also deliver high color quality through intuitive and easy to use tools and workflows.

According to John Henze, Vice President of Marketing, Fiery Division, EFI, "As evident by our long history of powering Xerox presses and printers, Fiery servers continue to be the digital front end of choice for businesses of all sizes. We're excited to bring these new solutions to the marketplace, providing a 30 percent increase in performance over the previous generation among other stand out enhancements."

The Fiery Server's smart RIP technology boosts performance immensely by allowing one page to be printed at the same time that subsequent pages are being processed. This allows more pages to be printed per hour. In addition to that, users have the ability to let Fiery Hot Folders and Virtual Printers automate the print submission process which saves time when printing repetitive types of jobs. For an end-to-end PDF workflow, the EX Printer Server gives users a choice of Adobe CPSI or native PDF workflows with APPE.

In addition to high performance, Fiery servers provide unparalleled color to quick printers, commercial printers, in-plant CRDs and creative service organizations. The new Fiery Image Enhance feature improves the output quality of digital pictures by applying corrections automatically in order to optimize each image individually for all Fiery supported files. Fiery Spot-on makes sure the best match of PANTONE colors and streamlines workflow with standardized corporate color palettes. Other advanced graphic arts tools used for proofing, prepress and color management are also available.

Fiery Technology is well-known for their intuitive user interfaces as well as their easy to use applications. These new servers operate with the Fiery Command WorkStation job and device management console. This centralizes the whole print workflow and connects to all Fiery servers on the network. This also eliminates bottlenecks as well as maximizes engine utilization which raises productivity and profit potential on every job. In addition to all this, Fiery SeeQuence Impose offers an intuitive imposition tool that automates prepress tasks.

The Fiery VUE application, which is targeted at the office environment, allows users to easily print professional looking booklets as well as other documents by interacting with their documents on-screen in 3D to sculpt and then preview exactly what the finished product will look like after printing.

Great features along with a great company, it looks like Xerox is continuing to stay on top of the printer game with every new product they produce.

Source: Office Product News
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Things To Consider Before Buying A Small Business Copier

Small business owners need to be able to advertise and produce certain papers in bulk. So the purchase of a copier is a natural step for up and coming small businesses. With a lot of home copiers coming in combinations of printers and fax machines, and many business copiers being large and full of unnecessary features, the decision on which copier to buy can be confusing. Here are a few things to look for in a small business copier that will save time and money.

Black and white or color?

The decision between a black and white or color copier really depends on the business. Color copying takes longer, requires more ink, and the copier is more expensive when first purchased and in the long run. At the same time color copying is essential if the copier is going to be used to make fliers or banners to promote the business. Color fliers look more professional and eye-catching. If the copier is just going to be used to print off memos and paperwork, then go with a black and white only copier, and if advertising is going to be done, go with color.

Paper handling and response time

The whole point in purchasing a copier is to save time, so buying a copier that needs single sheets fed through or a paper tray that needs to be refilled three times a day defeats that purpose. To make your copier efficient make sure it can handle at least 250 pieces of paper in the copy tray to minimize refills. Copiers are also notorious for their warm up times, and a long warm up time can also defeat the purpose of owning a copier in the first place. Some copiers today offer a short warm up time of around one minute for larger copiers and even ten seconds for smaller personal copiers.


A good copier doesn't just copy papers. A copier worth buying can also can handle index cards, transparencies and other heavier media. Versatility in a copier is a must, and it is essential to buy a copier that can handle everything you throw at it. A good feature to look for is a flatbed copying surface so the copier can copy pages from books and manuals as well.

Money saving features

Higher end copiers can have features that make up for the large initial price. One important feature to look for is duplexing, which is printing on both sides of the page. If used correctly, this feature can literally cut paper costs in half. Some copiers can also switch from color printing to strictly black and white. By doing a little research on which features are needed for a specific business a lot of costs can be cut by purchasing the right copier.

Like a computer or printer a copier is a big purchase for a small business, and an important one in taking said business into the technological age. With the right copier for that specific business the work load can be lessened and former tedious tasks can be made simple.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Konica Minolta's magicolor 4750

Kinoca Minolta magicolor 4750 seriesKonica Minolta announced today the new availability of the magicolor 4750 Series of color printers, the smallest A4 color printers in their class. The 4750 series can print 31 pages per minute in color and black and white and can also deliver a first page in less than 12.9 seconds. The 4750 series can also produce up to 120,000 pages every month which is perfect for workgroups that rely on high quality performance.

The magicolor 4750 series includes the magicolor 4750EN as well as the magicolor 4750DN which adds the productive convenience of duplexing. Konica Minolta has decreased the overall printer size by more than 30% from previous models and has simultaneously minimized their impact on the environment by delivering printers with significantly fewer parts. The magicolor can seamlessly fit into any workgroup due to its 13" high size.

According to Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Konica Minolta, "For high definition color the magicolor 4750 Series will make a significant impact on office workgroups and bring further value by offering unmatched compact size that is convenient for work environments of all sizes. These newest additions to our A4 color line-up raise the bar for performance as cost-effective solutions that ensure customers can always count on Konica Minolta to meet their full range of digital imaging needs."

Despite being small, the 4750 series doesn't sacrifice print quality or speed and features the exclusive Emperon Print System with an 800 MHz processor that powers image processing for faster results. The calibration system enhances prints by automatically calibrating the print engine for optimal color quality. All in all this looks to be one of the best small workgroup printer series.

The magicolor 3750 series is available now through Konica Minolta's North American direct sales, authorized dealer and value-added reseller channels for a price of $699.99 for the magicolor 4750EN and $839.99 for the magicolor 4750DN.

Source: Office Product News
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Canon imageCLASS Multifunction Printers Great for Small Businesses and Home Offices

CanonCanon has just released four new imageCLASS multifunction devices to their lineup of award-winning small business and home office solutions, the Color imageCLASS MF9280Cdn and MF9220Cdn, color laser multifunction printers, and the MF4570dn and D420, monochrome laser multifunction printers.

"In response to the increasing demand for easy-to-use, feature-rich multifunction devices targeted at small businesses and home offices, Canon is proud to present the latest additions to the imageCLASS lineup," said Jim Rosetta, Vice President and General Manager of the Imaging Systems Group at Canon U.S.A. "With small businesses and sole proprietorships increasingly demanding greater value and performance from their hardware purchases, the new imageCLASS models offer a compelling blend of functionality and features ideal for these demanding users."

Each of the four new devices are specifically designed with small businesses and home offices in mind. The MF9280Cdn and MF9220Cdn color laser multifunction printers allow small businesses and workgroups to maximize productivity with convenient print, copy, fax and scan functionality in a fully networkable device. These devices are perfect for a multi-user environment and feature a variety of technologies found in many high-end commercial copiers to maximize office efficiency including "User ID Management" control.

The MF4570dn is perfect for any small business or home office that is looking for a reliable all-in-one office solution. The device enhances productivity and offers end-users Canon's renowned quality and durability . This device also provides high-end features usually found in advanced printer models including duplex versatility, print and copy speed up to 26ppm, a 250-sheet front-loading paper cassette and an Automatic Document Feeder.

Finally, the D420 offers a fantastic blend of value and performance in a streamlined document solution. The D420 utilizes a simple, easy-to-navigate control panel to provide end-users with advanced functions including duplex versatility, print speeds of up to 23ppm, 250-sheet front-loading paper cassette as well as a single-sheet multipurpose tray and an efficient energy saving mode utilizing approximately three watts of energy.

Needless to say, Canon is definitely answering the demands of the small business and home office market. These four new imageCLASS printers are sure to fit the needs of anyone operating out of their home or small business. However, buying a printer or copier isn't always in the cards for many people, especially people with small businesses or home offices where money is tight. That is where Rentacomputer.com comes in.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Xerox Secure Print

Xerox Secure PrintWorried abut scanning you or your company's confidential documents? Why wouldn't you be? With the amount of identity theft and the like going on in today's society you can never be too careful about who may find your confidential information. The good news is that the nice folks over at Xerox have come up with a secure print feature to help keep those confidential files exactly that, confidential.

Xerox's new Secure Print feature is perfect if you do not want your confidential or private documents left in the output tray, at risk of being read or even stolen. Secure Print allows you to control the print timing of your documents giving you the ability to optimize your print solution by using a workgroup device to print all of your documents.

In the past, you may have printed documents like these from a personal printer. With Xerox Secure Print you can save yourself a ton of money in paper and ink by turning workgroup printer into your own personal printer. The process is pretty simple. Print the file and in the print properties section select Secure Print from the menu. Then come up with a unique password and send your document to be printed. The job is held in the job list until you release it. When you get to the device control panel, punch in your password and the document prints immediately.

Another cool feature is that if you have multiple documents in the queue being held by the same password, they will all be printed at once making it exceptionally easy to collect all of your important documents at once. One of the best things about Secure Print is that you do not have to go out to a store and buy some fancy new hardware because it is completely downloadable. All you have to do is type in Xerox Secure Print in your search bar, grab the download and follow the instructions.

Xerox Secure Print is the best way to keep those classified and personal documents away from watchful eyes.

Source: Office Product News

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fujitsu Earns Business Solutions Magazine's 2010 Best Channel Product Award

Business Solutions Magazine Best Channel Product 2010Fujitsu is the market leader in document imaging scanners and services which is a pretty nice title they can show off to their customers. But now, thanks to Business Solutions Magazine, Fujitsu has another title they can show off to their customers, "2010's Best Channel Products". Last week Fujitsu announced that their scanners have been recognized by Business Solutions Magazine and value added resellers as "Best Channel Products for 2010".

Fujitsu competed against multiple manufacturers but their products, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, ScanSnap fi-6010N Network iScanner, fi-6130, fi-6140, fi-6670, fi-6800 and fi-5900C scanners all earned high marks in the ECM Hardware category for richness of features and functionality, product reliability and durability, ease of integration and upgrade and the VAR's ability to service.

According to Vice President of Marketing at Fujitsu Computer Products of America Scott Francis, "Fujitsu prides itself on listening to and collaborating with our partners, and we are honored to be recognized by the channel industry for having best-in-class products. Fujitsu's approach to the channel - premium products at very competitive prices, delivered with the highest possible margins for our partners - makes for a winning combination. Hats off to all those who have contributed to this success and sincere thanks to the channel for its support and confidence in Fujitsu."

The award given to Fujitsu by the Business Solution Magazine is based on a survey that was conducted from late April through the end of May. The survey asked the publication's VAR subscribers to rate their partners in a total of 7 different categories which included Product Features, Product Reliability and Product Innovation. There were a grand total of 16,656 votes cast by over 1,400 verified BSM resellers which made this vote one of the largest surveys of its kind. The vote came to the conclusion that the scanning products from Fujitsu were ranked exceptional and a favorite among resellers all across the United States.

Source: Office Product News

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paper-Based Filing's Hidden Costs

The cost of hard drive space nowadays is dropping rapidly and many businesses are taking advantage of this by implementing Electronic Document Management Systems. Searchable databases of scanned information are created by these digital systems which allows better business decisions and a much smoother customer service interaction.

On the other hand, many people tend to shy away from Electronic Document Management Systems due to the initial setup costs that arise. Most businesses see paper documents as free due to the fact that they aren't usually tracked as well as they should be and are generally overshadowed by extensive office supply budgets.

But everybody knows that nothing in this life is free, and that includes paper as well. In fact, paper solutions may actually be costing your company more money than the other digital options that are available today. These hidden costs could fly under your company's radar where they may never be brought to light.

Almost every business has filing cabinets and a simple three-drawer cabinet may seem like a relatively cost-efficient solution. What you may not realize is that this file cabinet may actually be consuming a lot of time and money from the bottom line of your company.

Lets say the average one-time cost of a file cabinet is $400, then you have to add the one-time cost of folders which could equal around $100. Then we can add the average one-time cost of paper prints and copies into the mix at $240. So for the one-time cost of a single file cabinet you are already up to $740.

But what if you compound that annually? Assume the average office holds 30 file cabinets with each one costing you around $2,000 every 5 years. That's $60,000 for a system that generally misfiles or loses documents and a replacement document could cost you an additional $200.

What about the physical labor of a file cabinet? Anybody who has ever had to sift through a cabinet full of files knows how tiring and dull it can be. This demotivation could cause an employee to have sub-par production for the rest of the day further costing you money.

Electronic Document Management Systems provide the tools that allow you to create a secure and searchable archive of all your company's most important documents. A single 100GB disk can store an astounding 2,000,000 pages of information which could easily take the place of hundreds of filing cabinets using a fraction of the space.

Source: Office Product News

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How a Personal Photocopier Works

Personal Photocopier
A photocopier is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of office equipment for any business big or small. Unfortunately, the upkeep and cost of a fully sized multifunctional copier can put them out of reach for many smaller businesses. Luckily, the office-supply market has recently seen the introduction of affordable, personal-sized copiers. One of the best features of these personal copiers is their compact and lightweight frames which gives them the ability to be easily moved from one location to the next. Most personal copiers come equipped with an easy to grab handle so that a business owner or employee can easily move the copier from the office to a meeting or even back to their home. The beauty of these machines is that you can literally take them anywhere you would need to make a copy.

Drum and Toner

The personal copier condenses many of the features of a full-sized copier into a smaller more portable package. Within all copiers are two very important components: the drum and the ink toner. The drum is responsible for creating the image that is being copied while the ink toner is the medium via which the image is transferred to paper. When the copier's intense bright white light hits the paper that is being copied, the light is reflected off the white areas of the page while the rest strikes the drum below the paper. The areas where light hits the drum have their positively charged atoms neutralized while the areas that are blocked by the image on the drum keep their positive atoms. The toner is then attracted to the areas where positive charges are still intact while the areas where the neutralized atoms are present do not attract any toner.

The Printing Process

After the image has been embedded into the drum and the copy is ready to be made, the paper is heated very quickly. The heat applied causes the paper to have a stronger more positive charge than that which exists on the drum. This causes the toner to be attracted to the paper in the exact same pattern that has already been "etched" on the drum thus making a replica of the original image onto the paper. The heat basically causes the toner to fuse and stick to the paper much in the same way your hair is attracted towards a static balloon.

Although personal copiers work in much the same way as a traditional copiers, they are often limited in their printing capabilities. Most personal copiers can only copy about four pages per minute and are limited to only copying documents letter-sized or smaller. Other features like automatic stapling, collating, and dual-sided copies are also common features usually not found in personal copiers.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter

Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/ConverterAnybody who has tried scanning a photo knows that it isn't as easy as you would assume. The process generally entails taking your photo and putting it on a scanning device, downloading some type of photo scanning software, waiting, and waiting and some more waiting, then cropping the picture and then taking the remaining bits and sticking them into a folder somewhere.

Well the smart minds over at Pandigital have just developed a new photo scanner that will help to cut down on the painful process of photo scanning. The new Personal Photo Scanner/Converter allows you to feed documents up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size through the scanner and then have them written straight to a memory card at a 600dpi resolution.

By doing this you can certainly speed up the photo scanning process by letting you run streams of photos without dragging the old family album to your computer. You no longer have to connect via miniUSB and do it the old fashioned way, but you still can if you want to. This thing is completely wireless except for one thing. In the specs there is no mention of a battery which would make this device truly portable.

The Personal Scanner/Converter is definitely a step in the right direction for home photo scanning. With being able to scan photos of up to 8.5 inches by 11 inches directly to an SD card or any other type of memory card via the 5-in-1 card reader and saving them as 600dpi jpeg images, you can make home photo scanning much easier. Full specs are out now on Pandigital's Personal Scanner/Converter and you can pick it up for a retail price of $149.99.

Source: Office Product News

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The New HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a

The New HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a When it comes to printers, they start to all look alike at some point. They all perform the same functions and are really an afterthought when it comes to hardware. But the new HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a goes the extra mile and could change the way we look at printers forever.

The HP Photosmart e-All-in-One D110a comes with its own specific email address. What does this mean? It means that no only can print documents, but you can email them as well...you can even add attachments! You can email information to smartphones or tablet PCs with the new printer. In addition, the Scheduled Delivery service will allow you to schedule printings at certain times on a specific day.

The new printers start at just $99 and max out at $299. The higher-level printers will include other features such as printing directly from the internet or a USB drive, and one even has an integrated fax machine.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Choosing the Right Copier for your Business

How to choose the right copierThe copier has been an office staple for several decades and has made some big strides since Xerox first introduced the fully automated plain-paper photocopier in 1959. Today's photocopiers tend to have more in common with computers than the first Xerox 914 as most modern copiers combine copying, laser printing, faxing, scanning, and more into a fully functional and well-oiled business machines. With so many copiers on the market that can do pretty much about anything, its hard to make the smart decision for your business. Here is a short list on what to consider when shopping for a business copier.

Analog vs. digital

One of the most frequently asked questions when evaluating a copier machine is whether you should buy a digital or analog. Older analog copiers have an advantage in simplicity over newer digital models as they allow users to make copies by pressing a single button. However, most companies tend to choose digital black and white copiers or digital color copiers that come with variety of features which older analog copiers do not have. Digital copiers, also called multifunction printers (MFPs), produce less noise than analog copiers, have fewer moving parts meaning fewer maintenance problems, and can produce more detailed photocopies.

It just makes very little sense to buy analog these days. The majority of copier manufacturers have stopped introducing new analog models and there is little price difference between analog and digital copiers with similar features. The only reason to buy analog is if the prospect of dealing with futuristic equipment is daunting to you and your staff. Even with minimal training you and your employees will find that a digital copier isn't as complicated as it looks. With that said, here are a few options your business should consider depending on your copying needs.

Multifunction printers: Digital black and white printers now use modules to combine the functions of copiers, network printers, scanners, fax machines, and even e-mail devices all into a single piece of equipment. MFPs are designed in many shapes and sizes and range from home and small business capabilities to enterprise and commercial use. Naturally the cost, output quality, and other included features will all vary greatly from model to model, but generally they all perform the same functions - Print, Scan, Fax, and Photocopy. In the commercial/enterprise area, most MFPs utilize laser printing technology while in the personal and home environments, Inkjet Printer technology is more widely used. Typically Inkjet printers have struggled with delivering the performance and color saturation demanded by enterprise and large business use but HP has recently launched an enterprise grade MFP using Inkjet technology.

Digital Color Copiers: Color copiers support color printing and work much like a computer scanner connected to a laser printer. The color copier simply scans an original document and transfers the information via laser to a charged image drum. The color toner adheres to the drum while the copier heats the toner and permanently fuses the image onto paper. High-end color copiers will apply all four colors in a single pass while low-end color copiers take four passes of the same image. Low-end color copiers cost less than high-end color copiers, but have slower copying speeds. Color copiers will typically cost 20 or 30% more than black and white copiers of similar speeds and volume ratings. Then there are dedicated graphic color copiers which cost more due to very accurate print-quality color specifications and faster processors which may not be very practical in a corporate environment.

Hybrid Copiers: These are great for small and medium businesses that only need the occasional color printing or copying. Hybrids typically operate in black and white reproduction mode the majority of the time and can switch to color mode when necessary. Much of the expense of color copying comes from the consumables like special color toners, fuser oil and paper. Hybrid copiers allow you to keeps your operating costs down while still giving you the benefits of a color copier.

Lease a Copier: Copier leases are a fantastic way to avoid blowing a large portion of your capital while also evening out the payments. Some businesses also find that their printing demands come with the seasons and only need a high-end copier for relatively short periods of increased workloads. In addition, due to the rapid rates at which technology advances, copier leases often include provisions that allow you trade up to a newer model giving you the ability to upgrade without buying brand new. Other leases allow you to walk away from a machine, increasing your financial flexibility if you can not afford ongoing monthly payments.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Copier Tips

Copier Tips Whether you've purchased a copier or have a copier rental in your office, chances are you have one. And chances are you've run into a problem with your copier, from a paper jam to wasting money to something more extensive. In the event you do have a problem there are a few things to keep in mind before calling in a technician. Here are some tips on fixing those problems, preventing those problems, and getting the most from your copier.

1. Keep moisture out of your paper. Moisture can cause your paper to jam, so you'll always want to reseal a package when you don't use the entire thing. If you're unable to reseal, keep the paper in a ziplock bag.

2. Paper left in your copier over the weekend and holidays will gather moisture. Replace it on Monday and put old stuff in your printer.

3. If you do get a paper jam, make sure you fix it completely. If you don't fix it properly and completely, chances are you're going to have another paper jam on your hands very soon.

4. Leave your copier on 24/7. In today's "green" world, most technology has a power-saving mode and when left alone for a certain period of time, the machine will power down into that mode. Warming the machine up is quicker when brought out of the energy-saving mode and the continuous warmth may be enough to save your paper from excess moisture.

5. Use high-quality paper. The cheaper the paper, the more likely it is to jam and the worse the finished product will look.

6. When you load paper, don't bend or tear the edges. If you do this, you're setting yourself up for a paper jam.

7. Make sure you are using the right toner for the model of copier you have. Using the wrong kind can cause mechanical problems and make your warranty obsolete.

8. Order multiple toner cartridges at one time. You'll save money on shipping, as well as always have extra around when you run out.

9. Never use anything but your hands to remove a paper jam. If you scratch the wrong parts, it will show up on your copied documents.

10. When you remove jammed paper, make sure you recover all pieces, even tiny fragments.

11. Try to keep at least one employee knowledgeable and up-to-date on your copier. Have him or her trained in operation and maintenance of the copier and let removing jams, changing paper and toner be their job.

12. Only make one copy at a time until you've found the perfect settings. So much paper and toner is wasted because someone assumes they've put in the right settings and doesn't test it by making just one copy of a document, instead of 100.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Security Risk of Copier Machines

Your Company Could Be at Risk from Hidden Data on CopiersAs if individuals and businesses didn't already have their plates full concerning security and safety, they must now add digital copiers to the list of potential security risks which could leak sensitive and personal data. While it’s common knowledge that leaving sensitive information in trash bins or on computers raises the risk of identity theft, many consumers and even IT professionals may not be aware that copy machines themselves also put them at risk. If you didn't know, most modern copiers, or multifunction printers, use hard drives just like the one found in your computer to store every single document copied, scanned, or emailed by the machine. A single machine could have years worth of data and thousands of documents which could give away client records, birth certificates, tax forms, financial records, or even employee social security numbers making these copiers a proverbial pot of gold for criminals.

Even if the copier deletes the image, once it has been printed, the file remains on the hard drive until fully overwritten. Off lease and out of service copiers that are no longer needed will often depart without the previous owner even giving a second thought to the nature of the documents the machine previously handled. Businesses that don’t scrub this data before disposing of the machines are handing over vast amounts of potentially sensitive data to the next owner and possibly a criminal. Copier hard drives should be completely overwritten and reformatted with the original copier software reinstalled. However, the best method to absolutely ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands would be to purchase and install a brand new copier hard drive and then physically destroy the previous hard drive.

A recent investigation conducted by the CBS News proved just how dangerous of a problem this is. CBS purchased four used copiers from a warehouse in New Jersey and quickly went about gleaning all the data from the hard drives. The results were worse than anticipated. Two were once leased to the Buffalo police and the copiers were found to have very sensitive information including reports of domestic violence, a list of wanted sex offenders and even information about suspects from a drug investigation. The third machine contained copies of pay stubs that revealed names, addresses, and social security numbers while the fourth machine came from a New York insurance company with over 300 pages of medical records.

As a result, the Federal Trade Commission is tackling the problem and "now reaching out to copier manufacturers, resellers and retail copy and office supply stores to ensure that they are aware of the privacy risks associated with digital copiers and to determine whether they are warning their customers about the risks." Currently there are no known crimes involving information being stolen from copier machines. But now that the potential security flaw has been brought to the public's attention, there will no doubt be criminals who will try this method of identity theft.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is Flexographic Printing?

FlexographyOriginally flexographic printing was called aniline printing and was considered rudimentary at best to the majority of the printing world. Labels that required a higher quality print job have generally used the offset printing process. However, in recent years, great strides and advancements have been made in the field of flexographic printing presses, flexographic printing plates and even the inks used in the process. However, the greatest advancement in flexographic printing has, without a doubt, been in the improvement of photopolymer printing plates and laser-etched ceramic anilox rolls. These breakthroughs have not only allow for full color picture printing, but finer etched presses as well. In the hands of a skilled operator, flexographic printing can rival that of a lithographic printing process.

Flexographic Printing Overview
Flexographic printing is frequently used for printing on plastic, metalic films, foil, cardboard, acetate film, brown paper, white paper, and several other materials commonly used in packaging. The flexo printing process itself is similar to rotary printing in that it employs the same basic principles. In general terms, flexo printing utilizes a flexographic plate commonly made out of rubber or plastic with a raised image or text that is attached to a roller. A second roller applies a specific amount of ink while a third roller keeps the substrate (the material to be printed on) pressed firmly against the flexographic plate while it passes between the two.

There are a varying number of methods which can be used to create the printing plates used in flexography. The first method of plate development uses a light-sensitive polymer in conjunction with a light negating film placed over the polymer. Both are then exposed to ultra-violet light and the polymer hardens where the light passes through creating the imprint on the plate. This process is not very popular as the remaining polymer does not harden but instead has the consistency of chewed bubble gum. The plate will then need to be washed away in a tank of solvent while brushes scrub the plate to help facilitate the process.

The second and simplest method uses a computer guided laser to burn the image onto a printing plate. This direct laser engraving process is simply called digital platemaking. The third and rather more complex method is to go through a series of molding processes. The first step of the molding process is to create a metal plate out of the negative of the image or text we wish to print. This metal plate is placed in an acid bath and then used in a second step to create a mold out of bakelite board, glass, or even plastic. Once this second mold has cooled it will be considered a master mold and will be used to press a rubber or plastic compound to create the final printing plate.

As mentioned above, a flexographic print is made by creating a mirrored 3D master of the required image in a rubber or polymer material. This 3D image is then put onto what is called the anilox roll which holds a specific amount of ink since it is covered with thousands of small dimples. This anilox roll will feed the printing plate ink in a uniform and controlled thickness. The ink itself is transferred from the ink roll which has been partially submerged in an ink tank. A substrate is then compressed between the plate and the impression cylinder and the printing job takes place. In order to avoid a final product with a smudgy or bumpy texture, there needs to be insurance that there will never be an excessive amount of ink on the printing plate. To achieve this a scraper is used called a doctor blade. The blade simply scrapes any excess ink from the anilox roller before it can ever be applied to the printing plate.

Flexographic Inks
Currently there are five types of inks that can be used in flexography. Solvent-based inks, water-based inks, electron beam curing inks, ultraviolet curing inks, and two-part chemical-curing inks. Formulation of these inks requires a detailed knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the raw materials composing the inks which I won't go into. The most important factors when determining which ink to use is how the ink will react with the substrate as well as the environment. Flexographic printing inks are primarily formulated to remain compatible with a wide variety of printing substrates.

In recent years, flexo printing has been steadily improving in number of users, quality, and price. Flexographic printing is preferred over other methods as the ink dries quickly which allows for the machine to run at high speeds and the final product has a smooth finish with crisp detail. Water based inks in flexo printing has also increased in popularity due to the reduced emissions of volatile compounds which benefits the environment and the overall health of everyone in the printing industry. If these trends continue, one day flexographic printing may ultimately replace more expensive printing processes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Xerox Lean Document Production Services Reduces Production Costs

Xerox Lean Production ServicesIn today's economy many print service providers are turning towards business development services in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. A business production service is designed to give a business or company an outside professional perspective about the methods and equipment that are employed to do business. One of these business production services that are being taken advantage of by print service providers is known as Lean Document Production (LDP) from the Xerox Corporations' Business Development Services department. The Lean Document Production service offers solutions for a business to reduce production costs and maximize equipment, technology, and software investments.

“Staying competitive is a full-time job for graphic communications providers,” said Gina Testa, vice president, Worldwide Graphic Communications, Xerox Corporation. “Xerox’s business development support, particularly the LDP consulting service, offers easy and effective ways to keep ahead of the curve in terms of new revenue opportunities and overall productivity.”

Lean Document Production Service – Productivity Up; Costs Down
You may be asking yourself exactly how would Xerox and the LDP service increase productivity while lowering costs. These gains can be achieved when printing environments are designed and tweaked for maximum throughput which allows the environment to run at optimal efficiency. However, understanding how to achieve these benefits can be challenging in the work environment, which is where the Xerox LDP service comes into play.

The Xerox LDP service compiles a comprehensive assessment of the key operational matters in your printing environment including but not limited to: printer and copier equipment, software, number of employees, usage and peak hours, job cycle times, number of steps and touches, run lengths, print windows, etc. The LDP service is even viable in a number of manufacturing environments including transaction, digital printing, offest, or any combination of the three. Afterwards a specially trained consultant will work closely with you to turn your LDP assessment into a money saving reality by helping you make the necessary adjustments to maximize your printing setup.

“Xerox’s LDP approach and results cannot be matched in the industry,” said Dr. Sudhendu Rai, principal scientist, Xerox Innovation Group. “It allows us to completely understand a production manufacturing environment and tailor the adjustments accordingly. And with our proven and patented solution, outcomes are practical and achievable.”

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canon Expands imageRUNNER ADVANCE Line With Two New Monochrome Series

Canon imageRUNNER 8000 SeriesContinuing to build upon their full-service imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform which was unveiled last year, Canon U.S.A. announced last week the monochrome imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 Series and 6000 Series of multifunction systems. Offering a seamless blend of hardware, software and services initially seen in their award-winning imageRUNNER color models, the new black-and-white models deliver improved image quality with exceptional output speeds for a more enhanced workplace efficiency needed in today's competitive business environment.

"The new Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series are advanced document management systems that increase workplace efficiency for organizations seeking to contain costs and increase profitability," said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Imaging Systems Group, Canon U.S.A. "Featuring innovative hardware and carefully engineered software applications that target light production and high-volume office environments, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE lineup allows businesses to increase office productivity while managing costs across a broad range of document-related activities."

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 Series

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105/8095/8085 models deliver exceptional output quality, speed, flexible paper handling options, and robust finishing solutions that many businesses desire. By utilizing the capabilities of the Advanced imageCHIP system architecture the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 Series models offer functionality and flexibility necessary to meet the constantly evolving demands of production environments of central reproduction departments and in-house facilities. Print service providers requiring monochrome letter-sized output speeds of up to 105 pages per minute (ppm)/ 95 ppm/ 85ppm will want to look at the 8105/8095/8085 models respectively.

Also notable about these new models are their exceptionally fast scan speeds in both black-and-white and color. The printers are equipped with a standard, single-pass duplex scanning unit which enables these devices to capture both sides of a two-sided original in a single pass. The series are capable of delivering scan speeds of up to 200 images-per-minute (ipm) black-and-white and 100 ipm in color at 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) in letter format.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105/8095/8085 models feature a maximum paper capacity of up to 7,700 sheets and are equipped to carry up to 80 pound cover media and paper sizes up to 13 x 19.25-inches. Coupled this with its flexible media capabilities and its easy to see why the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 Series delivers improved productivity by performing functions previously reserved for dedicated production equipment. High-volume capabilities including multiple folding options, professional punching, post-process document insertion and face-trimming booklets can now be retained in-house without the need for a separate machinery which provides more cost efficiencies.

In addition to its production capabilities the series offers a revolutionary 120-volt power requirement and a space-saving footprint to offer greater device placement flexibility. All these features make the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 Series an ideal choice for high-volume offices seeking greater speed and productivity.

imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series

With output speeds of up to 75ppm, 65ppm, and 55ppm (Letter), respectively, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075/6065/6055 models allow for high-volume corporate environments to harness the capabilities of an advanced Multifunction Printer solution to address their particular workflow requirements. The compact imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075/6065/6055 models deliver enhanced performance including rapid print, copy, and color scan capabilities as well as the ability to manage documents and produce finished outputs. As with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 Series, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series models include a powerful high-speed single pass duplex scanning unit which boosts productivity and reduces costs.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075/6065/6055 models also feature a maximum paper capacity of up to 7,700 sheets and can support up to 80 lb. Cover media, while handling paper sizes up to 11 x 17-inches. Medium-volume office environments utilizing the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series can enjoy flexible in-line finishing capabilities such as multi-position stapling, booklet-making, post-process document insertion and C/Z- folding capabilities.

Newly Advanced Technology

The new imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8000 and 6000 Series monochrome models employ a host of new technologies designed to improve the user experience while also streamlining workplace efficiency. In addition to the space-saving design, the new models incorporate a Full Color SVGA Control Panel which utilizes a customizable user interface with Main Menu keys for easy access to popular functions as well as a Quick Menu key to help simplify your workflow and share frequently used job functions via one-touch buttons. Also included with all models is remote notification of low-supply inventory and an "on-the-fly" paper or toner replacement which ensures that your high-volume jobs can run without interruption.

The new imageRUNNER ADVANCE models also utilize "pO" toner in conjunction with the twin-sleeve technology employed in Canon's black-and-white imagePRESS line. This allows the models to reproduce detailed images and text with smooth gradations and ensure the toner is evenly distributed throughout the entire print run. When precise detail is needed the new models can provide a true 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution and Auto Gradation Adjustment for a smooth, accurate and consistent output. Additionally, all new models support Canon's MEAP technology, allowing for greater integration with customer's business processes and other third-party software applications.

The new imageRUNNER ADVANCE models are expected to be available for customer delivery in the second quarter of 2010 through Canon Authorized Dealers and Canon Business Solutions. The manufacturer's suggested retail prices will be:
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105 – $50,000
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8095 – $39,000
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8085 – $33,000
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075 – $28,000
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6065 – $21,500
  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6055 – $17,000
Source: usa.canon.com

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Friday, April 23, 2010

HP's New Plug & Print Laser Jet Printers

Last week, HP announced three new laser jet printers, aimed specifically at small businesses. Each one features "Smart Install," the company's new feature that makes installation easier. The need for a driver installation CD is gone with Smart Install, allowing you to install by simply plugging in an USB cable (the drivers are in the printer's memory).

The HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn is a single-function later printer. It features USB 2.0 and ethernet connectivity, auto-on/auto-off technology, and automatic double-sided printing. It's currently available for anywhere from $230 to $290.

The HP LaserJet Pro P1102w is also a single-function printer, but it offers Wifi 802.11 b/g in addition to USB 2.0. It has manual double-side printing and auto-on/auto-off technology. You can currently purchase it for about $150 to $190 at various online retailers.

Finally, the HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf MFP is a single-function laser printer that also offers USB 2.0 and Wifi 802.11 b/g. Double-sided printing is manual and it also features auto-on/auto-off technology. It's the printer pictured above and pricing details aren't yet available.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Change Your Font. Save Money.

Change Your Font. Save MoneyHere's a tip for saving money: change your fonts. Changing the font in documents you print and copy can save you about, well, $20 a year. Basically, different fonts require different amounts of ink and printing in one verses the other could have you changing your ink cartridges less often.

At the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the coordinator of information-technology user support, Diane Blohowiak asked faculty and stuff to use Century Gothic font as much as possible, and the school is even going to change its email system so it defaults to the font. Blohowiak tells the AP that she has received positive feedback about the move. The school goes through about $100,000 worth of ink cartridges each year and she expects they can save anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 just by making the switch.

The data comes from Printer.com, who tested various fonts to figure out which ones were the most budget-friendly. Century Gothic and Times New Roman were the the best (Century Gothic uses about 30% less ink than Arial, which is what many products use), followed by Calibri, Verdana, Arial, Sans Serif, Trebuchet, Tahoma and Franklin Gothic Medium.

In general, any font with "narrow" or "light" in its name, is gonna be better than than anything that says "bold" or "black." The thickness of the lines make all the difference. Seif fonts tend to use less ink than a "sans serif" font.

However, the AP reports that just because this practice is budget-friendly, doesn't mean it's environment-friendly. Centurgy Gothic happens to be wider than Arial, and therefore, uses more paper to print a document. Allan Haley of Monotype Imaging Inc., which developed Century Gothic fonts says the print was not designed for full text documents, but instead for small blocks or titles and headlines. Haley said he would suggest people use Arial or Times New Roman despite the possibility of saving money.

But if you'd rather save the Earth instead of your wallet, the best way to do that is to not print at all. Microsoft is working to encourage that with the fonts it uses in Outlook and Word. Simon Daniels, the program manager for Microsoft's typography group, told the AP that fonts that look more appealing on screen will make it less tempting for users to print a document. As a matter of fact, according to Daniels, that's why Microsoft changed its default fonts in Office 2007; Arial and Times New Roman became Calibri and Cambria.

Another Great Article:
Canon Adds Six New LCD Projectors

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Océ Enhances Green Evironmental Credentials

Oce Green Environmental Paper and PrintersOcé, an international leader in digital document management and professional printing services announced last Monday that the company will be further building upon its environmental credentials. In support of the company's commitment to long-term sustainability, the Océ North America Production Printing Systems division has recently become a certified member of the Certified Green Partners. In addition, Océ has unveiled an Eco-calculator that measures CO2 emissions of production class printing equipment to help businesses asses the true environmental impact of their own printing operations. The Océ North America Production Printing Systems division is also among the first companies in the printing industry to introduce a comprehensive Eco Start program that implements earth-friendly practices to help contribute to a carbon-free business environment.

“Environmental sustainability is one of the defining issues of our generation and has been a focus for Océ for over 50 years,” said Mal Baboyian, President, Océ North America Production Printing Systems division. "The actions we take today will further strengthen our commitment to environmental and sustainability program leadership. Customers are becoming increasingly vocal about taking a stand for people and the planet, and Océ is deeply committed to helping customers achieve carbon-neutral print production. The Certified Green Partners certification, the Océ Eco Start carbon offset program and the Eco-calculator are all part of a larger, holistic approach to environmental responsibility that includes sustainable products, practices, and tools to promote a healthier environment.”

Océ takes pride in its environmental leadership and has gone beyond simply reducing their own carbon footprint. In response to rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere, Océ North America has launched the Océ Eco Start Program which provides a starting point for customers interested in achieving neutral carbon production. Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, Océ will plant trees to offset carbon emissions generated by all printing equipment purchased from Océ North America during the equipment's first year of operation. Businesses can benefit in two ways from this. They can solidify their standing as socially responsible corporate citizens and gain a competitive edge that comes from going green. Environmentally conscious consumers will seek out business partners that have a proven track record of green stewardship.

“Océ sustainability efforts are driven by a commitment to environmental leadership and helping customers meet demands for an environmentally responsible approach to business. With so many companies claiming to be sustainable, customers are looking for empirical proof that their business partners genuinely care about doing the right thing for the environment.” said Baboyian.

The Certified Green Partners is an independent alliance of international business leaders and organizations working toward a common goal of advocating green practices among professionals served by the printing and paper industries and to promote eco-friendly products and business models. Being a Certified Green Partner underlines Océ's commitment to ethical forestry and to reducing the use of petroleum products in printing processes. As part of the certification, Océ North America pledges to use certified paper from well-managed forests, purchase petroleum-free products, use 100-percent recycled paper, and recycle paper waste for all office products. “We are pleased to earn this certification from Certified Green Partners, confirming our commitment to moving forward on the path to a carbon-free business environment.” stated Baboyian.

For more information about the Océ Eco Start Program or to sample the Eco-calculator, visit the Océ Green Production page.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Color Laser Printers from Samsung are Great for SMBs

4 New Color Laser Printers from Samsung

Samsung has announced a group of four new color laser printers that are aimed at small and medium businesses. The two single-function and two multifunction printers, according to a press release from the company, offer "professional performance from an economic device."

"The small or mid-size business user shouldn’t have to compromise printer quality because of cost. Our new family of color laser printers allows organizations to benefit from printers which have the features of much more complex pieces of equipment, while remaining very affordable to buy and maintain,” said Ken Colby, the director of printer marketing at Samsung Electronics Information Technology Division.

The Samsung CLP-670ND, CLP-620ND, CLX-6220FX, and CLX-6250FX use Samsung Instant Fusing technology, which fuses the toner using a thin flexible sleeve and lamp verses the thick roller and slow heating elements used by traditional printers. This allows, not only for faster printing, but it saves energy. During sleep mode, the heating lamp is turned off, allowing for less energy consumption. The printers also use Samsung's TonerSave feature, which allows users to extend cartridge life an reduce cost per page. Finally, a PowerSave Mode will also reduce printing costs and save you time and money on maintenance.

Because the printers use Samsung's Easy Color Manger, the user is able to apply balance, brightness, contrast, and saturation to any image, as well as creating personalized color profiles. The printers' Fine Edge technology makes images crisp and clean. Below you'll find a specific specs from each of the four printers, as well as suggested retail prices for each one.

The CLX-620ND will sell for $399. It has a printing speed of 21ppm, 256MB of standard memory, 512MB of max memory, and a 360 MHz CPU. Other information about the printer includes:

Connectivity: USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet
Paper Handling: 100MP, 250 CST
Duplex Printing: Double-sided document printing
Monthly Duty Cycle: 65,000 max

The CLX-670ND has a printing speed of 25ppm and a 700MHz CPU. It features 256MB of standard memory, 768MB of max memory, and will sell for $599. Other stats include:

Connectivity: USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet
Paper Handling: 100MP, 250 CST
Duplex Printing: Double-sided document printing
Monthly Duty Cycle: 80,000 max

The CLX-6220FX will cost you $699 and has a printing and copy speed of 21ppm and 21cpm respectively. It features a 360Hz CPU, 256MB of standard memory and 512MB of max memory. Other information about the printer:

Connectivity: USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet
Paper Handling(STD): 100 MP, 250 CST
Duplex Printing: Double-sided document printing
Monthly Duty Cycle: 65,000 max

Finally, for $899 the CLX-6250FX offers a printing speed of 25 ppm and copy speed of 25 cpm. It has a 700Mhz CPU, 256 MB of standard memory, and 768 MB of max memory. It also includes:

Connectivity: USB 2.0 and 10/100 Ethernet
Paper Handling (STD): 100 MP, 250 CST
Duplex Printing: Double-sided document printing
Monthly Duty Cycle: 80,000 max

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ricoh Aficio GX e555oN GelSprinter

Ricoh Aficio GX e555oNRicoh Americas Corporation has just introduced the new Ricoh Afficio GX e555oN, the latest addition to the company's GelSprinter line of color-inkjet printers. The e555oN is primarily designed for business environments and replaces the previous Aficio GX 505oN. The e555oN provides a high-quality and affordable replacement to laser printers where speed you need both speed and duplexing in order to meet high-volume demands.

Thanks to Ricoh's GelSprinter technology, the e555oN is able to utilize an enhanced viscous gel ink formula which delivers better performance in dry environments. The fast drying, waterproof properties of the ink meets the realization of published yields while simultaneously eliminating smudging, bleed-through and page curling.

While working in a high-volume atmosphere, you know that keeping up with demand wile maintaining high-quality results is extremely critical. The e555oN is network ready and supports workgroups with 30 pages-per-minuet in both black and white as well as full color. The device also has a quick 40 second warm up time and first print speeds of up to 5 seconds or less while being able to print up to 999 sets per job.

Print jobs flow seamlessly through the standard 250-sheet paper supply which has the ability to be expanded up to two 500-sheet paper feed units. To make productivity even better, the e555oN comes with standard automatic duplexing. Users can also save paper by printing on both sides at high-speed on plain paper. One key thing that has been enhanced on the e555oN over previous models is the device's use of bi-directional, motorized ink pumps that offer improved reliability and ink yields.

Some other necessary features include a tilting LCD control panel offering improved operability, the ability to capture counter data remotely with the option of Ricoh's intelligent remote management solution and support for the latest networking standards which includes Macintosh, hot-based and PCL 5c/6 printing support. The e555oN addresses many user's printing needs but it also helps businesses meet their environmental goals as well.

An improved Economy Color Mode produces crisp text as well as stunning graphics which helps to increase the longevity of supplies. The e555oN is ENERGY STAR Version 1.1 compliant and doesn't require any heat at all to operate. The device uses 38 watts during normal printing and only around 3.5 watts in Energy Saver Mode. To add more to the environmentally friendly image the e555oN is manufactured free of hazardous materials and produces 0 ozone emissions which results in a low carbon footprint as well as minimal impact on the environment.

According to Vice President of Office Printer Business Group with Ricoh Americas Corporation Matt Sakauchi, "Most businesses rely on laser printers to handle a lot of their document output needs. The GX e555oN with GelSprinter technology offers the speed and versatility of a laser printer in an affordable and reliable inkjet printing solution that not only produces outstanding color documents, but further demonstrates Ricoh's commitment to helping our customers become more environmentally friendly in their business practices."

The Aficio GX e555oN looks to be an all around solid device. It has the ability to print at fast speeds, is environmentally friendly and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary features tacked on to it. If your business is looking for a more affordable device than a laser printer, then check out Ricoh's e555oN.

Source: Office Product News

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Monday, March 15, 2010

EFI and Xerox Deliver High Quality Color and Performance

Xerox WorkCentre 7700 SeriesEFI, a recognized leader and innovator in digital printing, and Xerox Corporation, began shipping the Fiery(R) Network Controller for the Xerox WorkCentre(R) 7700 Series of color multifunction printers (MFPs) last week. The WorkCentre 7700 Series MFPs are one of the first to utilize the Fiery VUE desktop application, a "visual print driver" that is fully compatible with common applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Adobe Acrobat. Many businesses are looking to bring document production in-house to lower costs and allow employees to produce professional color documents without the expert knowledge. The WorkCentre 7700 series, , coupled with the Fiery VUE, was specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of office environments which see productivity and fantastic "out of the box" color quality as absolutely essential while simultaneously being easy to use.

Today, businesses are transitioning from traditional black and white to color printing across the board as in-house print jobs are becoming an effective means to reducing costs and controlling security. Targeted at enterprise customers from all walks of life, the recently launched Fiery VUE desktop application allows users to interact with their document on-screen in 3D to visualize and perfect exactly how the finished document will look. When combined with speeds of up to 50 pages per minute (ppm) in color and up to 75 ppm in black and white from the WorkCentre MFPs, the two can easily handle whatever your enterprise throws at them from run-of-the-mill office documents to high-volume color print jobs. They also manage multiple printing, copying, scanning and faxing tasks simultaneously without interruption for quicker turnarounds, accelerated processing time, and the ability for your employees to spend less time producing color prints and more time out in the field.

“With advanced document management tools and professional color capabilities right at your fingertips, the WorkCentre 7700 Series makes easy work of complicated tasks,” said Rick Dastin, president, Global Product Delivery Group, Xerox Corporation. “These new MFPs can be customized to meet the specific workflow needs of individual users and workgroups – helping our customers get work done quicker than ever.”

"Our latest Fiery controller paired with the advanced features of the WorkCentre 7700 Series ensure that office workers of any skill level can easily produce eye-catching documents," said John Henze, vice president of marketing, Fiery division, EFI. "While there are many new capabilities to enhance productivity and color quality, we're excited to offer WorkCentre 7700 Series users the game changing Fiery VUE application, which takes all the complexity out of producing professional documents."

The WorkCentre 7700 series boasts a 2400 x 2400 dpi output resolution which combines with Emulsion Aggregate High Grade toner to produce superior images while consuming less than traditional toners per page. This MFP also comes with built-in tools such as Xerox Standard Accounting which will help monitor and control color costs. There are also several optional additions including EFI Fiery print server for powerful graphic art capabilities as well as finishing attachements like 100 page stapling and C and Z folding. The WorkCentre 7700 Series color multifunction printers start at $24,100 and are available immediately worldwide.

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