Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HP Photosmart ML1000D Minilab Printer

HP Photosmart ML1000D Minilab Printer

Hewlett Packard unveiled its HP Photosmart ML1000D Minilab printer at the PMA 2010 Trade Show, and it caught a lot of attention. The printer is supposedly the industry's first dry, inkjet minilab solution that produces quality, traditional prints, as well as duplex photo book pages, and calendars in a single machine, in just minutes. This is great news for retailers! The printer will allow them to deliver lab-quality prints and other photo merchandise from a single printer.

The printers works alone or can work in collaboration with the HP Photo Center and can print photos as fast as 1,500 4 x 6 photos per hour. It also produces up to sixteen different single-sided print sizes and double-sided output in two different sizes, in a combination of gloss and matte finishes. Because of specially designed links and papers, the printer creates smudge-free, water-free, and fade-resistant prints that will, according to Picture Business Mag, "retain vivid, accurate colors for generations."

And as with most new gadgets, the new Minilab is environmentally conscious. Not only does is it eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, but it allows users to reduce electrical power consumption. Using the Minilab can save up to 64% of energy usage and 800 gallons of chemical and water discharge per year.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kodak Truper Series

Kodak Truper Series ScannersKodak may not be one of the biggest names in office printing solutions but they continue to innovate the low-volume production scanning solutions by helping businesses achieve high levels of productivity as well as image quality needed for digitizing paper records. The new Truper Series of scanners from Kodak.

Built on the platform used for the Truper 3200 and 3210, these new models offer increased throughput as well as some nice enhancements. The 3610 model brings in some really nice power packed into a compact, rotary-only scanner whereas the 3210 model has an automatic document feeder and a flatbed that allows the scanning of fragile or bound pages.

According to Tony Barbeau, General Manager of Document Imaging for Kodak's Business Solutions and Services group, "The introduction of the enhanced Kodak Truper Series Scanners represents exciting new gains in the low-volume production scanning space. Mid-to-large sized organizations are often challenged with capturing a more diverse range of documents, to meet specific business needs. A large, specialized department like payroll might receive new paper-based information on a daily, or even hourly, basis and requires fast, accurate digitization to keep the overall business running efficiently. The Truper Series Scanners provide a valuable solution that expedites and streamlines these processes."

The Truper Series Scanners can scan up to 90 pages per minute in color and grayscale as well as up to 180 pages per minute in black-and-white with a daily duty cycle of 15,000 pages. The Truper Series Scanners have a number of image processing enhancements that allows businesses to easily maintain greater integrity of data with the crisp, clean images that are captured without having to compromise valuable time. The Truper Series Scanners also has an ADF with independently selectable guides capable of holding 200 pages and able to scan images up to 11.9-inches by 100-inches in size. When in long document mode, the Truper Series can capture forms and records of unlimited length which includes documents like EKGs, oil well logs or fetal monitor strips. The switchblade background bar in the Truper Series also allows optimal flexibility for the ability to support optional document types as well.

Rescanning is not needed with the Truper Series due to the device's ultrasonic multi-feed detection which catches any double feeds automatically. Another feature on the Truper Series is Multi-feed ignore technology. This allows the user to adjust settings for envelopes or documents that contain attached sticky notes, photos, etc... so they can pass through the scanner without stopping. This is a great way to reduce rescans as well as document preparation time. The Truper Series has an exceptional level of image quality. This helps businesses gain greater accuracy in their scanned information.

High quality images are captured at up to 600 dpi and if you add that to the Advanced Color Dropout Technology you allow users to simultaneously remove as many as six custom colors in any multicolor document for optimal OCR, ICR or barcode recognition. The Truper Series is also packaged with KOFAX VRS 4.5 Professional image enhancement software which delivers clean, crisp images. The Truper Series also comes with features like Auto Color Detect, Blank Page Deletion and Auto Orientation which reduces prep time as well as operator intervention.

The Truper Series Scanners has minimum maintenance requirements due to long-life bulbs and user-replaceable rollers. You can purchase The Kodak Truper 3610 for around $6,995 and the Kodak Truper 3210 for around $8,495.

Source: Office Product News

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Canon imageRUNNER 3245i Receives 5-Star Environmental Rating

Canon imageRUNNER 3245iCanon U.S.A. Inc. is one of the world's leaders in digital imaging and advanced office solutions. Being that the company is dedicated to the environment and helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint, it comes as no surprise that the company's imageRUNNER 3245i received a 5-star rating in overall environmental performance from Buyers Laboratory Inc.

Buyers Laboratory Inc. uses extensive real-world testing to determine their ratings and the imageRUNNER 3245i uses less energy in than other products in all non-running and running modes. The imageRUNNER 3245i is a Segment Four monochrome copier. According to the tests from Buyers Laboratory Inc. the imageRUNNER consumed less than half the average energy of any other Four Segment monochrome copier ever tested. To add to that, the imageRUNNER has an annual projected energy cost of just one-third the average in comparison to other models.

The environmental performance evaluation from BLI is extensive, to say the least. The test also takes into consideration not only energy consumption but also recovery times. Low energy consumption is a critical measurement tool in today's streamlined business environments. However, you can not use a device to its fullest potential if it takes a long time to recover from sleep mode. The imageRUNNER showed a recovery time that was faster than the average recorded time from idle and sleep modes overnight.

According to Sam Yoshida, Vice President and General Manager of Imaging Systems Group with Canon U.S.A. Inc., "Canon has a long-standing commitment to environmental preservation and reducing our overall carbon footprint, and receiving these outstanding ratings from BLI is a testament to our dedication. We are continuously researching new and advanced technologies that will not only help streamline and improve business environments but also help companies in their push to become more 'green' and environmentally friendly."

But the praises don't stop there. In addition to the 5-star energy rating, the imageRUNNER also received a 5-star rating in runability using 30%, 50% and 100% recycled paper. The imageRUNNER is also ENERGY-STAR qualified and RoHS-compliant which includes several environmentally conscious features like toner-save mode, job review and proof mode. Green is definitely the way to go these days and it looks like Canon has almost perfected the whole "green" style.

Source: Office Product News

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

HP Wants ColorLok Paper Worldwide

HP Wants ColorLok Paper Worldwide

Hewlett Packard has been pushing for a higher-quality printing experience for everyone and last week they announced a step in that direction. JK Paper Ltd., the largest cut-size paper manufacturer in India has committed to supporting the ColorLok paper standard.

"JK Paper Ltd. is proud to adopt ColorLok technology in our paper. Our company produces high-value paper, and this commitment continues our history of innovation while improving the printing experience for our customers," A.K. Ghosh, Vice President of Sales for JK Paper, said in a statement.

By using ColorLok paper in their product lines, companies can print with more vivid colors and bolder blacks that do not show through to the other side. The paper offers a faster drying time and optimal results, making it very customer-friendly.

JK Paper is making ColorLok paper available to 40% of the Indian market. This means the new technology standard will soon be available in ten paper companies worldwide. The Colorlok program was announced at Paperworld in 2008 and has since been gaining global momentum. The technology is applied to recycled paper, giving it the ability to produce the same quality as most non-recycled papers. This allows companies to not only meet customers' needs but to also help the environment.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Desktop Monochrome Laser Printer from Ricoh

Ricoh Americas CorporationIt took them nearly five years to do it but Ricoh Americas Corporation, one of the leading providers of digital office equipment, has announced its new Aficio SP 6330N laser printer which is the only 11" x 17" monochrome desktop laser printer in the product line. The Sp 6330N can produce documents at 35ppm with a resolution of up to 1200x1200 dpi.

The Sp 6330N is compact and offers a low total cost of ownership. This eliminates the need for small workgroups to outsource jobs. The printer can support any combination of media types that you can throw at it as well as any type of media sizes to meet every printing need with the devices standard 500-sheet printing tray and 100-sheet bypass tray.

In addition to that, the SP 6330N eliminates the need to hire a vendor to print onto thick media because the printer can print onto media weighing up to 57lbs bind/120lbs index. The SP 6330N can also print transparencies, labels, card stocks and even recycled papers. In addition to that the SP 6330N can also maximize uptime and streamline supply issues and support issues with high yield 20,000-page All-in-One (AIO) print cartridge technology.

According to Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ricoh Americas Corporation Shun Sato, "The new Aficio SP 6330N is an ideal device for our customers who seek a compact printer capable of handling a variety of printing capabilities. The device is a savvy investment sure to make sure to maximize productivity and enhance any company's bottom-line."

The Aficio combines versatility with convenience inside a compact design which is capable of supporting a vast array of professional solutions that include remote device monitoring utilities as well as a range of advanced data security features that include network authentication and user access codes. Users will get a nice peace of mind with security tools that can control device access and protect confidential information.

Overall this looks to be a top notch machine. It has taken nearly 5 years for Ricoh to make another monochrome laser printer and it seems like they put a lot of hard work into making this printer as best as it can be.

Source: Office Product News

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