Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Copiers: Not Just For The Office Anymore

Do you ever feel like your work day may already be piling up on top of you? I'm not just talking about the typical 9 to 5 office cubicle work day either. I'm talking about event coordinators and planners, or the people that have to deal with the people in office buildings. Some days are tougher than others. The only way to make things easier is through convenience. This is why we use the technology and devices that we use in the office or workplace setting. It's all about communicationing and sharing information with people that need to be informed. Why do you think every office has a copier machine? There's clearly a reason for that. Every time you see a stack of documents or important memos being passed out to a crowd or in the main conference room, where do you think they came from? The office copier. The beauty of it is that copiers can be used outside of the office as well.

The Convention
Whenever you go to a convention (if you have been before), there were surely many fliers and pamphlets passed out. While the pamphlets might not be photocopied by a normal copier, you'd better believe that all of the fliers you look at were printed by a copier. Most conventions have thousands and thousands of people attending. There has to be some type of scheduling for these people and they need to have something tangible to look at to ensure that they've are informed. The copier can handle that load and then some. There are more than just schedules that go into a convention. All of the documents that need to be taken care of will be handled by a simple photocopier.

Back To School The schools today are getting more and more advanced with their technology. Who knows how long it'll be until textbooks are replaced with laptops and learning programs. Even so, there is still a big use for copiers in the school. Think about your times in the school library. You more than likely needed something copied or scanned so that you could finish your school project. Imagine how many times that copier was used just in that one day. Not to mention the school's office. Any type of document that needs to be printed out for record purposes is handled by the school's copier. If a teacher needs to hand out a study guide, guess where they go. You know the answer to that already.

Business Training Events
This isn't to be confused with the conventions, but basically serve the same purpose. Training classes happen all the time for businesses. Each person attending the class needs to be kept up with what the class is going to entail and any kind of help they can receive after the class is done. Any type of memo? Photocopied. Any reading information? Photocopied. Any type of help sheet or "things to look out for" sheet? Yup! Photocopied. Yes, email can work just as well, and is usually a big part of the training classes, but if someone is handed a document, there's no way the person can say "I never received my information regarding that." That photocopier will come in handier than you think.

It's obvious that the photocopier might not seem to be the biggest concern when setting up a convention or some type of business event or even in an office or school setting. Just renting your copier will save you so much money that you can use towards other things. Think about it. Would you rather spend all your money at Kinkos, or would you rather rent your copier for whatever you would need it for and save money for any other expenses? I think we both know what answer you're going to choose.

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