Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The New Seiko Teriostar LP1020 LED Copier

The New Seiko LP1020 LED Copier

Last week, Paradigm Imaging Group announced that it would be distributing the new Seiko Teriostar LP1020 LED copier. The Teriostar has a number of great qualities, including parallel processing, which is the ability to process an incoming file while another one is printing. This quality can save any office or business time and money.

The copier also incorporates an innovative heat roller that applies heat and pressure to adhere images, which gives the final product razor sharp lines and better toner adhesion. It's also fast, with its true 600 dpi speed, making it an unique combination of speed and quality.

Paradigm's imageSTAR Software Suite adds even more value to the copier. It inclues two software packages. The first is Seiko's Teriostar Software, which features four powerful components: Deliver y, Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Copy, and TerioPRINT V103 (allows batch printing of PLT, TIFF and PDF files. The second is Paradigm's VB-INDEX software program, which captures index data from scanned engineering drawings. It is a multi-user system and can process large quantities of data from several different workstations and the indexed data, image path, and file name are served in a project file.

Randy Geesman, president of the Paradigm Imaging Group had this to say of the new copier, "The addition of the new Seiko LP1020 with our exclusive imageSTAR Software Suite further diversifies and expands our product offering. Our dealers enjoy the benefit of working with a true value-add distributor that provides them with incentive packages to grow their business, increase profits and guarantee customer satisfaction."

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toshiba's New e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool

Toshiba's New e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool

Toshiba has announced a new tool, which it says will optimize the company's "industry-leading color reproduction quality based on environment and media." The e-Bridge Color Profiler Tool enables the creation of International Color Consortium device output profiles when combined with the ES1000 spectrophotometer, maximizing color vibrancy and fidelity.

Rory Fox, a senior product manager for Toshiba American Business Solutions, stated in a press release,

“The Toshiba e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool was integral in helping the award-winning e-STUDIO6530c, our fastest and most advanced color product to date, receive such high-accolades at the IPA Digital Print Forum earlier this year. This study exhaustively examines and compares large production presses. The e-STUDIO6530c was the only system under scrutiny designed primarily for general office use, and the results proved that our competitively-priced office product with an EFI Fiery Controller, did well in all the tests when compared with production presses that are priced anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million retail.”

Being able to print quality color copies in the office eliminates the need for involving a third party and can eventually save a company thousands of dollars. It also saves time and increases office productivity. Various aspects of various climates such as temperature and humidity can affect a copier's performance. A copier in Denver's high altitudes will perform differently than a copier near sea level in Louisiana. The new profiler tool will help companies all over the country make the most of their e-STUDIO copiers, regardless of any underlying factors.

The software package that comes along with the tool includes four different applications that allow for color data printing, data measurement, data integrity viewing, profile building, and profile viewing. These include: a target reader application that manages the measurement of characterization targets used to create custom profiles; the data viewer detects any errors in color measurements before completing the construction of the profile; the profile builder constructs the ICC profile and provides settings so the user may further customize the profile; and the profile viewer verifies the integrity, accuracy and performance of the ICC color profile.

The e-Bridge Color Profiler Tool should retail for about $499, wile the ES-1000 Spectrophotometer sells for about $1,299. Fore mor information, visit Toshiba's copier and printer website.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Rent a Copier?

Why Rent a Copier

So many businesses are turning to copier rentals for their offices these days and for good reason. Rentals save you time and money, as well as offering a number of other benefits. Here's a quick look at some reasons why copier rentals from RentaComputer.com may be the right choice for your office.

  • You provide the paper and we'll do the rest. All maintenance, including toner and broken parts are supplied by the rental firm. If something goes wrong, just give us a call and they'll have it fixed in no time.
  • Tired of the copier you have? Want a newer model? Maybe you decided the copier is too big and obtrusive for your small office. Copiers can be expensive and you most likely can't afford to run out and buy a new one every few months. You can always trade your copier or even cancel your rental at any time.
  • Rent a copier for as long or as little as you like. Maybe you just need it for a few week as part of a temporary office or maybe you need it for an entire year or longer because you can't yet afford to purchase a new one. A rental is flexible and will fit your needs no matter how large or small.
  • At Rentacomputer.com, we serve the entire United States. We can have a copier to almost any destination in the country and we do it fast!
  • We also offer a wide range of top-of-the-line copiers that provide a wide-range of service!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Canon Buys Printer & Copier-Maker, Oce

Canon Buys Printer & Copier-Maker, Oce

Canon, the maker of cameras and office equipment, has acquired Oce, a Netherlands-based producer of copiers and printers for $1.1 billion. The deal took place despite Orbis Portfolio Management's attempt to get Oce to sell out to Konica Minolta.

In a statement, the two companies said they aim to become a major force in the international printing industry. With Canon's sales and marketing, and Oce's expertise in production printing, wide-format printing and business services, that goal shouldn't be a problem.

According to Canon president Tsuneji Uchida, the merger will deliver "clear benefits" in research and development, product mix and marketing." In addition to wide-format printing and document management, the newly merged companies would like to be a top producer for the small business and home office sectors.

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