Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HP Photosmart ML1000D Minilab Printer

HP Photosmart ML1000D Minilab Printer

Hewlett Packard unveiled its HP Photosmart ML1000D Minilab printer at the PMA 2010 Trade Show, and it caught a lot of attention. The printer is supposedly the industry's first dry, inkjet minilab solution that produces quality, traditional prints, as well as duplex photo book pages, and calendars in a single machine, in just minutes. This is great news for retailers! The printer will allow them to deliver lab-quality prints and other photo merchandise from a single printer.

The printers works alone or can work in collaboration with the HP Photo Center and can print photos as fast as 1,500 4 x 6 photos per hour. It also produces up to sixteen different single-sided print sizes and double-sided output in two different sizes, in a combination of gloss and matte finishes. Because of specially designed links and papers, the printer creates smudge-free, water-free, and fade-resistant prints that will, according to Picture Business Mag, "retain vivid, accurate colors for generations."

And as with most new gadgets, the new Minilab is environmentally conscious. Not only does is it eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, but it allows users to reduce electrical power consumption. Using the Minilab can save up to 64% of energy usage and 800 gallons of chemical and water discharge per year.

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