Wednesday, December 23, 2009

eCopy ScanStation OP

eCopy ScanStation OPLooking for an easier way to manage all of your companies scanned documents? Then check out the eCopy ScanStation OP. The eCopy ScanStation OP allows you to connect either your black and white or color digital copier or scanner to your company's networked applications, including email. This allows for a low-cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of all of your company's scanned documents.

eCopy does a great job of providing a simple, easy to use solution for extending your use of such devices while at the same time leveraging your investment in the infrastructure and applications of your corporate network. The ScanStation itself is comprised of an integrated, free standing touch panel, keyboard and PC which is easily connected to any digital copier or document scanner. The device also supports both black and white and color scanning.

The destination of your scan is easy to figure out thanks to easy to read icons that are displayed for each destination on the touchscreen. Such destinations may include things like Scan and Fax, Scan to Printer, Scan to Mail, Scan to Desktop or Scan to Document Management System.

The eCopy ScanStation OP is powered by the eCopy ShareScan OP software. ShareScan OP is able to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Windows and even Novell Netware networks. The ShareScan OP is comprised of three separate components: the eCopy ShareScan OP Client, the eCopy ShareScan OP Admin Console and the eCopy ShareScan OP Services Manager. Administrators are able to manage connector profiles for many different eCopy ScanStations via an administrative workstation anywhere on the network.

On top of that, eCopy ShareScan OP also enables connections into email, fax and even document management applications (add-on connectors only) from the device. Users also have the ability to create custom "Scan To" buttons with the eCopy quick connect feature. Color documents are scanned eCopy Xpert Compression Technology which reduces file size by more than 99% of the original size and files can be easily transmitted across a network, digitally stored and printed with excellent image quality.

If your company is in the market for a device that can easily manage all of your scanned documents then definitely check out the ScanStation OP from eCopy. This device is more than capable of handling any and all of your scanning needs.

Source: Office Product News

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