Monday, March 21, 2011

Printing Strategies for a Greener Business

Green is definitely the way to go these days if you own a business or are in charge of gathering different pieces of technology for your office. Everybody wants to be more energy efficient for many reasons, the main ones being that it cuts costs for you and your business and also allows us to have a safer, cleaner and healthier planet to live on.

Companies around the country are doing their best to be as eco-friendly as possible. One thing that many offices and companies are doing is going green with their printing. This allows companies to reduce pollution, decrease the size of landfills and increase efficiency.

Eco-friendly printing prevents artificial as well as harmful chemicals from being used due to the fact that they can pollute the soil. If you want to print less, only print the documents that are considered the most essential documents in your company. Don't wast time printing office jokes or photocopying your butt to prank your neighboring cubicle. Use emails as much as possible too. Sending documents via email or other file types electronically allows you to send and resend the same thing an endless number of times without wasting any paper.

There are a lot of other things aside from what has already been mentioned that can help you be more green in your print management. For one, always buy environmentally friendly paper and inks. These things do exist so there is no reason for you to not use them. Invest in EnergyStar equipment. EnergyStar equipment is sometimes made from renewable resources and also uses less energy than your conventional equipment. Instead of printing out all your documents, send them in fax form to a network folder. Also consider using inks made from soy. These can easily be recycled.

By doing just some of these things, you can not only help the environment but also save you and your company a lot of money. Plus, doing the right thing just feels so much better after you do it.

Source: Office Product News - Green Printing Strategies For Your Business is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toshiba Receives BTA's Award for Superior Performance

Toshiba America Business Solutions Incorporated announced yesterday that the company has officially been awarded the Business Technology Association's 2011 Channel's Choice Superior Performance Award as a Primary Product Line Provider for the fifth year straight. This is the highest honor for the organization and also indicates that Toshiba is the number one choice among independent dealers.

This award is also based on completed surveys from over 390 office technology dealers across the country. Toshiba was also honored to once again receive Channel's Choice Awards in three of four key performance categories: Corporate Support, Distribution and Inventory. Toshiba received the awards at the BTA's Winter Break 2011 event in Orlando, Florida.

According to Mark Mathews, President and COO of the Business Technology Association, "More than anything, we are extremely thankful for the consistent recognition we have received from our independent dealers. The fact that dealers take the time out of their busy day to recognize the hard work and effort of the Toshiba team to create valuable programs, products and processes is something that we will never take for granted, no matter how many times we win."

The BTA Channel's Choice Awards are based on feedback from independent office technology dealers that represent all copier and manufacturer product (MFP) vendors in the entire industry as well as all the regions in the country. Over 400 dealers participated in the survey for this year and were asked to rank their primary and secondary vendors in four different key performance categories: Corporate Support, Distribution, Product Line and Inventory. Toshiba nearly swept the awards this year as they did in 2010 and also took home the top honor as well as three out of four performance category awards as mentioned above.

Brent Hoskins, Executive Director of BTA and Editor of Office Technology magazine, stated, "Congratulations, once again, to Toshiba for going above and beyond in support of BTA dealers. After five consecutive years of winning BTA's top award, it's clear that Toshiba is truly dedicated to providing top notch service, support, products and programs to its dealers and, ultimately, customers."

This win for Toshiba marks the company's fifth straight win for the top honor and their twelfth overall.

Source: Business Wire - Toshiba Receives Business Technology Association's Channel's Choice Award for Superior Performance for the Twelfth Time
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