Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Konica Minolta Releases bizhub 25 Monochrome MFP

Konica Minolta bizhub 25 Monochrome A4 MFPKonica Minolta has just recently announced the availability of the bizhub 25 Monochrome Multifunctional Product. This device, which offers full color scanning as well as a compact design, is perfect for small businesses and workgroups that require fast and efficient document management services from the convenience of a desktop.

The bizhub 25 Monochrome MFP gives you print and copy speeds of up to 25 pages per minute, an 80-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, standard automatic duplexing and enhanced security features. In addition to that, this device has exceptional paper handling, inclusive of a 500-sheet standard paper tray, a 50-sheet bypass tray and an optional cassette, allowing the bizhub 35 to have an overall capacity of up to 1,050 sheets.

Konica Minolta's newest monochrome MFP also offers color scanning at up to 600 x 600 dpi with enhanced features such as DirectScan which allows you to scan into a PC folder. In addition to that, this newest device also features a standalone 33.6 Kbps Super G3 fax capability with 2,000 one-touch dials which also allows for as many as 200 groups.

According to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Konica Minolta Kevin Kern, "The customer-driven bizhub 25 offers busy workgroups the productivity and flexibility they need from their desktop MFP, in a more cost-efficient and streamlined document management solution. Delivering fast, high-quality monochrome output with a variety of other enhanced features, the bizhub 25 ensures that customers can continue to count on Konica Minolta for hard-working digital printing solutions that meet the entire spectrum of business needs, without compromising cost or convenience."

The bizhub 25 also features an intuitive 5.8" touchscreen UI that will guide you through programming the device and job execution. The new "My MFP" feature also allows you to register and access common features from a single screen. In addition to that, this device also gives you more ways to protect your documents and devices with password login, secure fax reception and secure printing. There is also auto fax outing to secure PC folders.

The bizhub 25 Monochrome Multifunctional Product is available now through Konica Minolta direct sales, authorized dealers and value-added reseller channels for $2,500.

Source: Buyers Lab - Konica Minolta Launches bizhub 25 Monochrome A4 MFP is news of, for and by SMBs! The Small & Medium Business Magazine!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Offers Sharp Copier Rentals

Though many different copier brands are offered for rental, Tech Travel Agents at can proudly offer top-of-the-line Sharp Copier Rentals to suit any facsimile needs you might have.

Why Get A Sharp Copier Rental

Sharp has developed a full arsenal of copiers that can handle any facsimile need that could possibly arise. Whether you need color or black & white, a certain paper size, a printing speed, or finishing options such as hole punching and stapling, our Tech Travel Agents can get you the right Sharp Copier Rental.

Choosing The Right Production Rate

Sharp has organized their copiers according to ppm's or page per minute, and they range from less than 21 ppm to 71+ ppm. So depending on how much production you need and how fast you need it, this will play a crucial role in determining which Sharp Copier Rental is right for you.

Finishing Options

Sharp also has large multifunction copiers that are capable of performing various finishing functions, which is important if your company needs to produce materials such as year-end reports or manuals. Finishing options include hole punching, mail bin sorting, saddle stitch finisher, and stapling.

Sharp AR-M620 - B&W Copier Rental

One of the most common Sharp black & white copier rentals is the AR-M620 model. This copier more than suits any business need, and delivers a high volume output with high production speeds and 600 dpi resolution. Ubiquitous to most Sharp copiers, the AR-M620 makes use of a very innovative technology that scans a given document on both sides simultaneously, which alone increases the output rate of Sharp's copiers beyond most of its competitors. Contact your Tech Travel Agent for a Sharp AR-M620 Rental Quote.

Sharp MX-5500 - Color Copier Rental

One of our popular color models for rent is the MX-5500. This model is capable of an output rate of 41-ppm when printing color, and has a paper capacity maximum of 6,600 sheets. The MX-500 model also utilizes such innovative technologies as electronic sorting with offset stacking, and advanced image stabilization that provides a higher quality image. Request a Sharp MX-5500 Color Copier rental quote here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Contex XD2490 Soft Pack Transport Case

ContexContex, a world leader in the development of wide format scanning and imaging solutions, has just announced the availability of its Soft Pack Transport Case for the company's highly popular XD2490 24-inch wide format scanner.

The Soft Pack Transport Case is made with ballistic nylon and a closed-cell reusable foam cushioning system and is designed to protect the XD2490 from extreme shock and vibration. The XD2490 wide format scanner itself delivers exceptional reliability and image quality and is perfect for remote operations. The Soft Pack Transport Case is very lightweight and convenient weighing in at less than 50 pounds when combined with the XD2490.

According to Federal Sales Director for Context Ed Delaney, "This new, lightweight Soft Pack is ideal for customers who use the XD2490 wide format scanner for off-site engineering, architectural or GIS projects. This portable solution provides a secure and reliable way to protect the equipment and achieve high-quality scans remotely."

Since its release in September of 2009, the XD2490 scanner has received a lot of recognition due to its affordability as well as its lightweight and compact size. Being extremely and easily transportable, the XD2490 wide format scanner is used by a plethora of companies in AEC, land management and development, gas and oil exploration, and defense and intelligence.

If you own an XD2490 wide format scanner by Contex and you find yourself frequently traveling around with it, make sure you take care of it with something like the Contex Soft Pack Transport Case. You have a bag for your laptop and your luggage so why should your wide format scanner be any different?

Source: Office Product News - Contex Unveils Soft Pack Transport Case for XD2490 Wide Format Scanner

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