Thursday, September 11, 2014

3D Copiers, Printers, And Scanners... Are They The Way Of The Future?

There are a few things you can expect to be welcomed to when you walk into your office building. The chatter of other employees on the phone. The smell of coffee being made. You can definitely expect to see the ever-so-familiar line at the photocopier as well. Doesn't it all seem a bit monotonous? Wouldn't it be nice to spice things up a little bit? You might not be able to put a Star Bucks in your office, but you might be able to upgrade that old copier that you have in the office. This isn't to say that there is anything necessarily wrong with the normal copiers, but there is always room to upgrade your office technology.

When you think of your normal copier or scanner, you probably don't have 3D copiers, scanners, or printers come to mind. Emerging technology, however, suggests that you should probably start now.

3D Everything
When I say "3D", there could be a couple of different ideas that pop into your head. You might be thinking 3D glasses or even 3D graphics. Well you are on the right track... sort of. These new 3D printers, scanners, and copiers are all more in the business of copying, scanning, and printing, actual objects instead of just paper. These devices are able to scan and create on more than just the typical flat plane. Instead, they are able to access the z-axis instead of just the x-axis and y-axis. Basically they are able to scan and print objects in real space, in case I lost you in the all the math talk. The scanners will scan the objects, create a 3D-rendered image on the software, and then the 3D printer can print of the object in real space, not on a piece of paper.

If you take a second to think about it, these new devices could become huge assets in the business office. Being able to scan and print off certain supplies that you might need in the office could become a huge money saver. Is your office cater to more graphic design work? Maybe you work for an architectural company? 3D scanners could become your best friend in the office. Why is that you may think? Well the fact that these scanners can gather full imaging of whatever object that you're scanning and then save that data to later be uploaded on the software is a big deal. Instead of just starting from complete scratch, you now have something to work with and edit to your liking. You can then "print" out your images and models to get an idea of what you want when you finally make the real thing.

Is It Really The Future?
Even though these new devices sound promise, can they still take over the photocopier? Are these new products able outshine your normal Xerox machine? They just might be able to. How you may ask? Well think if these products allow for both 2D and 3D scanning, printing, and copying. You then have something that could basically be a 6-in-one machine that can be used in the office. Some of these new 3D devices are portable as well. There are 3D scanners that you can even put on your iPad's camera lens in order to capture 3D rendered imagining such as that. We have home scanners and home printers. That's all well and good but what about the possibility of having these objects scanned, the 3D image information sent over to your 3D printer wirelessly, and printing out for you? Now we are getting more towards the future.

There are still times when all you really needs is a paper document copied and printed off. That being said, many companies are starting to go paperless and just send their memos via email. College classrooms are sending syllabuses via email now as well. When we need something on paper we still have that possibility, but we may be on the verge of seeing a technological shift from regular 2D paper copying, to 3D image scanning, rendering, and printing.


  1. My father actually has experience with these 3D printers. He uses the printer to produce images for CAD drawings. It was always fun to go to his office and play with the printers and cute fun things out to play with.

  2. These high-tech printers are pretty much the most amazing things you can have in an office. Good printers can save so much time and money. Add to that 3D printers. Once those get integrated into several areas, they will make things so much more efficient.

    Gerald Vonberger |

  3. The 3D printers are really cool. They are very different and unique. I am always excited when I see a 3D printer.

  4. That is so cool! How much does a 3D printer cost? I bet it would be so fun to play around with! Do you think we will ever see a 3D printer in copy shop?

  5. These new 3D printers, scanners, and copiers are all more in the business of copying ...

  6. 3D printers and copiers are very interesting, to be sure. For us, though, the old-fashioned kind is more than enough right now. Either way, having a copier is crucial if you want to run a business. We learned that the hard way, and we don't intend to go through it again.

  7. I've seen these 3D printers in action before. It was being used by someone who was printing some 3D art they created on their computer. I think it could be a very helpful tool in the future. If we can perfect this technology I imagine we would be able to send supplies to astronauts who are thousands of miles away.

  8. Its unreal to see how far printing and copying technology has come over the last few years. Having printers that can now print out 3D images and having top not copying machines not only improves the work place, but it can also improve other businesses that use these machines as well. This has revolutionized office work, and it will only continue to do so as this technology improves as the years go on.

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