Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Could 3D Scanners Make Their Way To Your Office?

Upgrades are nice. There is no denying that. Everyone loves to have the biggest, best, and newest products. When choosing to upgrade though, there are so many factors to take into account. One being price. The price tag on a particular machine can really trigger some of those "Oh my..." faces if it is through the roof. Then comes the price of consumables to help the machine function as needed. All of it adds up quickly. The next thing that should come to mind is practicality and usage. What are you going to need this machine for? What are going to be its main uses? All of these factors come into play at some point. What machine could I even be talking about, you may wonder? A copier, of course. Mind you, not just a regular copier, but one of the newer 3D copiers.

Are you unsure of what a 3D copier is? Well it works a lot like its 2D counterpart. Unlike a regular photocopier that scans a document or some piece of paper, the 3D copier is used to copy actual physical objects. The 3D printer has been out for a little bit now, and works in tandem with a 3D copier. Particularly one from MakerBot. The copier went up for sale last October, and as stated, works together with the 3D printer from MakerBot. How the copier works is through a small turntable. By placing whatever object you are trying to scan upon the turntable, the turntable will then spin. This will allow the laser scan the object properly, and then upload a 3D rendered image onto the products software. All that's left to do is print the object.

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All in all it's a good product and one that could be practical in some situations, but not all. That, paired with a nice $1,400 price tag can really stifle any buyer at that price. This is where a review of what you and your company may need comes into play. If all you are looking for is to photocopy documents and reports, then obviously you don't need a 3D copier, a 3D printer, and its software. However, should you see yourself in something that requires a bit more artistic focus, this may not be a bad investment. Also, there in lies the other factors of using a 3D copier. You will need to companion printer and the software to make everything work properly should you need it. The positive is that in the rendering process, you can edit the scanned object to add and take away from it. The only real case where the copier could be used by itself is with some type of graphic design or digital animation. Other than that, there may be no real use for it.

3D copiers are very fun to use and even more fun to watch operate. The bottom line is though, is that it may not be the most practical thing for a typical office space. However, if you are still interested, it never hurts to rent and try before you buy!



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  7. I think it's amazing that we even have the technology to do this kind of thing. I never thought I would see the ability to copy or print things in 3D in my life. I think this is going to be a huge thing to watch as the technology develops. It is definitely the way of the future.

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