Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Digital Copier Security, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with Australian-based Print Security

secure printersOne of the biggest threats we face today as a planet is identity theft. Identity theft is a worldwide epidemic that plagues businesses and consumers costing them billions of dollars every year. There are a lot of programs that are making waves in the fight against identity theft, though one serious threat is going largely unaddressed and that concerns the data stored on hard drives inside digital copiers. California-based Digital Copier Security Incorporated (DCSI) has recently formed a partnership with Print Security out of Australia in order to serve markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Print Security has a lot of experience in the copier industry as well as with print management services. According to Chief Executive Officer with DCSI Bill Feigles, "We are so pleased to have joined forces with such an experienced and well respected group of companies." Director of Print Security Jason Ganis added, "At Print Security, we share the same passion as Digital Copier Security and we are committed to championing INFOsweep and INFOclear products in Australia and New Zealand. More importantly, we see the need to raise awareness of this looming threat among consumers, businesses and government entities in the markets we serve."

In a statement from Founder and COO of DCSI John Juntunen, Juntunen states, "Our efforts in the United States have led to greater awareness and actions aimed at mitigating the threat to data security posed by digital copiers but there is still a lot of work to do worldwide. We see this overseas partnership as a natural extension of our activities." Feigles added, "We have been approached by entities in other countries and we are interested in moving into more markets. However, we want to be very selective about who we partner with in both foreign and domestic markets and Print Security was just a perfect fit."

Print Security is associated with other companies such as Smartprint Fleet Management, Laser Printers Direct and iFish finance through common management and will server as the exclusive provider of Digital Copier Security Incorporated's products and services in Australia and New Zealand.

Source: PR Newswire - Digital Copier Security, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Things to Consider Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

multifunction printersSo, you are looking at buying a multifunction printer for your office, huh? Well, why shouldn't you? Multifunction printers have become an ideal tool for any type of office and are very useful due to the fact that you get an all-in-one printer, fax machine, scanner and copier in a single device leaving you with less clutter and a more professional office look and feel.

However, you can't just hop on over to Staples and pick up the first multifunction printer you see. I mean, you technically can do that, but don't you think you should weigh your options first? Here are a few things that you will want to consider before buying your first multifunction printer.

Speed. In general terms, the more you tend to spend on your multifunction printer, the faster print speeds you will get. This is typical of most printers and has been for some time. This goes double if color printing is involved and fast color printers can get very pricey.

DPI. Before you buy a multifunction printer, check out what its DPI rating is. DPI stands for dots per inch. Having a higher DPI allows you to have higher quality images when you print. It's kind of the same as a television's resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.

Memory. The more memory you need means the more money you are going to have to spend. It's just like speed, if you want the best, then you are going to have to pay for the best. Home offices should shoot for a device that has around 8MB of memory with more traditional offices aiming for 16MB. This isn't a live or die guideline though. Figure out your printing needs ahead of time to determine your memory needs.

Test. The best thing you can do is test your multifunction printer before you buy it. If you start it up and you hate then interface, then you probably are not going to love it in the future. However, don't necessarily rule out a device that has complex functions, you may learn to use them well and find that they are extremely useful.

These are only a few things to consider before purchasing a multifunction printer. If you follow these guidelines and use some common sense, you should be just fine.

Source: Office Product News - Considerations Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Canon Announces New Premium Glossy Paper 2 and Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2

CanonCanon U.S.A. Incorporated has just announced the addition of two new media types for use with the company's award-winning imagePROGRAF large format printers, Premium Glossy Paper 2 and Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2. These new medias, which are designed for precise, ultra high-quality print performance, help deliver an enhanced range of color as well as an improved durability at an affordable price. In addition to that, a new version of PosterArtist poster creation software has also been announced that has enhancements which will make completing a project much easier than earlier versions.

According to Vice President and General Manager of the Imaging Systems Group at Canon U.S.A., "With Canon media, users can be confident they will consistently produce images of superb quality. The addition of these two new media types further shows Canon's commitment to providing our users with the highest quality of both input and output products."

Premium Glossy Paper 2 is a heavyweight glossy media that was designed to be used for a variety of high-end applications like photography, graphic design and signage. The paper has a high whiteness factor through the use of ultra white pulp that makes the media less vulnerable to light illuminant changes.

Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 is a heavyweight slightly textured semi-glossy paper that provides you with another option for your final product depending on your desired texture. Compared to the Premium Glossy Paper 2, the Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 has a similar whiteness but with a much softer finish and less reflection which can be seem more attractive to different applications like fine art photographic reproductions as well as exhibitions.

Both the Premium Glossy Paper 2 and the Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 are expected to ship out in June 2011.

Source: Office Product News - Canon U.S.A. Announces Two New Media Types For Large Format Printers

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