Friday, June 19, 2009

Contex SD4430 MFP and HD3650 MFP

Contex SD4430 and HD3650Contex is one of the leaders in the development of wide format imaging and scanning solutions around the world and it has just unveiled two new multi-function solutions in the SD4430 MFP and the HD3650 MFP. These two devices are designed to give customers who want to optimize their on-demand copying, scanning, and printing solution and need an affordable yet versatile piece of equipment.

The SD4430 is wide-format office copier which comes with an adjustable height stand which is designed to fit onto a majority of major printer brands like Cannon or even HP. If you do a lot of work with things like technical documents and are needing a copying or a printing solution that is fast and easy to use then the SD4430 is your best fit. It has a single footprint which saves you a lot of space and even allows this copier to fit into small offices. The SD4430 is able to scan documents as large as 44 inches, and it does this at a resolution of 120 dpi. This copier also allows you to share mark-ups and revised drawings immediately via a scan-to-net or scan-to-email option.

The HD3650 is a color reprographics system which is perfect for use in an office with a high-productivity. The Hd3650 has the ability to support multiple network printers through a front-end should work with your existing equipment. This scanner is designed to pump out monochrome and color printing jobs and copy jobs while also keeping printers running at full speed. If you need advanced copying needs or scanning needs or you have multiple document types, then you want to look into the HD3650. It supports documents as large as 36 inches and documents 0.6 inches wide with exact color matching and advanced reprographic features which includes paneling, nesting, and tiling. Add added feature is also 17 inch touch screen.

These two pieces of equipment are great for your office, no matter the size. They offer good features and are affordable to most consumers. For more information on the SD4430 MFP and the HD3650 MFP go to the Contex Website.

Source: Office Product News

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