Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Universal Printer Drive From Konica Minolta

Konica MinoltaKonica Minolta is one of the leading providers of advanced imaging and networking technologies for desktops and print shops and they have just announced of their newest product, the Konica Minolta Universal Print Driver (UPD). The UPD is a single printer drive for all networked printers. The UPD offers a common interface which handles printer selection throughout and entire network, automatically detects and identifies Konica Minolta printers and MFPs as well as other company's products. The UPD also offers a full range of functionality which increases overall business efficiency.

Konica Minolta's UPD has a single user interface which offers multiple benefits for IT Administrators as well as users that work in anything from small to large workgroups. With this UPD there is no need for the installation of separate drivers for each networked device. The UPD simplifies all the complex capabilities by considering each and every integrated task into one single driver core. This device also allows operators to add new devices to current configurations easily so they can be up and running quickly with no loss of productivity. In addition to all of that, the user interface also offers complete functionality which includes finishing, layout and quality for every pre-installed devices.

According to Vice President of Marketing for Konica Minolta Kevin Kern, "By implementing our Universal Print Driver, IT professionals can significantly reduce administration time and costs while concurrently streamlining their printing operations." Kern goes on to say, "As businesses continue to look for ways to remain competitive, the ability to manage growing workloads in less time, while not compromising quality or efficiency, is a key concern and one that this solution directly aims to address. Konica Minolta's new UPD further evidences efforts to ensure that users can always count on Konica Minolta to deliver the cutting edge innovation they need.

Konica Minolta's UPD combines multiple print drivers to meet the needs of networks comprised of new and legacy devices from numerous manufacturers. Individual Child Drivers will connect to model-specific MPFs from Konica Minolta and Common Child Drivers will connect to other models from Konica Minolta as well as 3rd party devices. More recent MPFs and desktop printers from Konica Minolta will enjoy full print functionality while older ones will also have a basic range of functionality. Every device also has automatic detection and identification.

What s special about this UPD is that it is the only printer driver to feature a specific search filter which enables the user to search by feature set. Printing attributes like color, letter sized or 11" x 17" paper and duplex printing can be typed into the search field at which point the filter will display all devices that match. If you are looking for a quality UPD, then you should check this one out from Konica Minolta. No release date or price has been set.

Source: Office Product News

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