Friday, February 19, 2010

Kodak Truper Series

Kodak Truper Series ScannersKodak may not be one of the biggest names in office printing solutions but they continue to innovate the low-volume production scanning solutions by helping businesses achieve high levels of productivity as well as image quality needed for digitizing paper records. The new Truper Series of scanners from Kodak.

Built on the platform used for the Truper 3200 and 3210, these new models offer increased throughput as well as some nice enhancements. The 3610 model brings in some really nice power packed into a compact, rotary-only scanner whereas the 3210 model has an automatic document feeder and a flatbed that allows the scanning of fragile or bound pages.

According to Tony Barbeau, General Manager of Document Imaging for Kodak's Business Solutions and Services group, "The introduction of the enhanced Kodak Truper Series Scanners represents exciting new gains in the low-volume production scanning space. Mid-to-large sized organizations are often challenged with capturing a more diverse range of documents, to meet specific business needs. A large, specialized department like payroll might receive new paper-based information on a daily, or even hourly, basis and requires fast, accurate digitization to keep the overall business running efficiently. The Truper Series Scanners provide a valuable solution that expedites and streamlines these processes."

The Truper Series Scanners can scan up to 90 pages per minute in color and grayscale as well as up to 180 pages per minute in black-and-white with a daily duty cycle of 15,000 pages. The Truper Series Scanners have a number of image processing enhancements that allows businesses to easily maintain greater integrity of data with the crisp, clean images that are captured without having to compromise valuable time. The Truper Series Scanners also has an ADF with independently selectable guides capable of holding 200 pages and able to scan images up to 11.9-inches by 100-inches in size. When in long document mode, the Truper Series can capture forms and records of unlimited length which includes documents like EKGs, oil well logs or fetal monitor strips. The switchblade background bar in the Truper Series also allows optimal flexibility for the ability to support optional document types as well.

Rescanning is not needed with the Truper Series due to the device's ultrasonic multi-feed detection which catches any double feeds automatically. Another feature on the Truper Series is Multi-feed ignore technology. This allows the user to adjust settings for envelopes or documents that contain attached sticky notes, photos, etc... so they can pass through the scanner without stopping. This is a great way to reduce rescans as well as document preparation time. The Truper Series has an exceptional level of image quality. This helps businesses gain greater accuracy in their scanned information.

High quality images are captured at up to 600 dpi and if you add that to the Advanced Color Dropout Technology you allow users to simultaneously remove as many as six custom colors in any multicolor document for optimal OCR, ICR or barcode recognition. The Truper Series is also packaged with KOFAX VRS 4.5 Professional image enhancement software which delivers clean, crisp images. The Truper Series also comes with features like Auto Color Detect, Blank Page Deletion and Auto Orientation which reduces prep time as well as operator intervention.

The Truper Series Scanners has minimum maintenance requirements due to long-life bulbs and user-replaceable rollers. You can purchase The Kodak Truper 3610 for around $6,995 and the Kodak Truper 3210 for around $8,495.

Source: Office Product News

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