Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ricoh Aficio GX e555oN GelSprinter

Ricoh Aficio GX e555oNRicoh Americas Corporation has just introduced the new Ricoh Afficio GX e555oN, the latest addition to the company's GelSprinter line of color-inkjet printers. The e555oN is primarily designed for business environments and replaces the previous Aficio GX 505oN. The e555oN provides a high-quality and affordable replacement to laser printers where speed you need both speed and duplexing in order to meet high-volume demands.

Thanks to Ricoh's GelSprinter technology, the e555oN is able to utilize an enhanced viscous gel ink formula which delivers better performance in dry environments. The fast drying, waterproof properties of the ink meets the realization of published yields while simultaneously eliminating smudging, bleed-through and page curling.

While working in a high-volume atmosphere, you know that keeping up with demand wile maintaining high-quality results is extremely critical. The e555oN is network ready and supports workgroups with 30 pages-per-minuet in both black and white as well as full color. The device also has a quick 40 second warm up time and first print speeds of up to 5 seconds or less while being able to print up to 999 sets per job.

Print jobs flow seamlessly through the standard 250-sheet paper supply which has the ability to be expanded up to two 500-sheet paper feed units. To make productivity even better, the e555oN comes with standard automatic duplexing. Users can also save paper by printing on both sides at high-speed on plain paper. One key thing that has been enhanced on the e555oN over previous models is the device's use of bi-directional, motorized ink pumps that offer improved reliability and ink yields.

Some other necessary features include a tilting LCD control panel offering improved operability, the ability to capture counter data remotely with the option of Ricoh's intelligent remote management solution and support for the latest networking standards which includes Macintosh, hot-based and PCL 5c/6 printing support. The e555oN addresses many user's printing needs but it also helps businesses meet their environmental goals as well.

An improved Economy Color Mode produces crisp text as well as stunning graphics which helps to increase the longevity of supplies. The e555oN is ENERGY STAR Version 1.1 compliant and doesn't require any heat at all to operate. The device uses 38 watts during normal printing and only around 3.5 watts in Energy Saver Mode. To add more to the environmentally friendly image the e555oN is manufactured free of hazardous materials and produces 0 ozone emissions which results in a low carbon footprint as well as minimal impact on the environment.

According to Vice President of Office Printer Business Group with Ricoh Americas Corporation Matt Sakauchi, "Most businesses rely on laser printers to handle a lot of their document output needs. The GX e555oN with GelSprinter technology offers the speed and versatility of a laser printer in an affordable and reliable inkjet printing solution that not only produces outstanding color documents, but further demonstrates Ricoh's commitment to helping our customers become more environmentally friendly in their business practices."

The Aficio GX e555oN looks to be an all around solid device. It has the ability to print at fast speeds, is environmentally friendly and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary features tacked on to it. If your business is looking for a more affordable device than a laser printer, then check out Ricoh's e555oN.

Source: Office Product News

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