Sunday, May 16, 2010

Xerox Lean Document Production Services Reduces Production Costs

Xerox Lean Production ServicesIn today's economy many print service providers are turning towards business development services in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. A business production service is designed to give a business or company an outside professional perspective about the methods and equipment that are employed to do business. One of these business production services that are being taken advantage of by print service providers is known as Lean Document Production (LDP) from the Xerox Corporations' Business Development Services department. The Lean Document Production service offers solutions for a business to reduce production costs and maximize equipment, technology, and software investments.

“Staying competitive is a full-time job for graphic communications providers,” said Gina Testa, vice president, Worldwide Graphic Communications, Xerox Corporation. “Xerox’s business development support, particularly the LDP consulting service, offers easy and effective ways to keep ahead of the curve in terms of new revenue opportunities and overall productivity.”

Lean Document Production Service – Productivity Up; Costs Down
You may be asking yourself exactly how would Xerox and the LDP service increase productivity while lowering costs. These gains can be achieved when printing environments are designed and tweaked for maximum throughput which allows the environment to run at optimal efficiency. However, understanding how to achieve these benefits can be challenging in the work environment, which is where the Xerox LDP service comes into play.

The Xerox LDP service compiles a comprehensive assessment of the key operational matters in your printing environment including but not limited to: printer and copier equipment, software, number of employees, usage and peak hours, job cycle times, number of steps and touches, run lengths, print windows, etc. The LDP service is even viable in a number of manufacturing environments including transaction, digital printing, offest, or any combination of the three. Afterwards a specially trained consultant will work closely with you to turn your LDP assessment into a money saving reality by helping you make the necessary adjustments to maximize your printing setup.

“Xerox’s LDP approach and results cannot be matched in the industry,” said Dr. Sudhendu Rai, principal scientist, Xerox Innovation Group. “It allows us to completely understand a production manufacturing environment and tailor the adjustments accordingly. And with our proven and patented solution, outcomes are practical and achievable.”

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