Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Not Do More With Less with Document Management?

Document ManagementIf you work for a company or a business, then I can almost guarantee that you work with paper documents in nearly every single business process. Whether your employees need to retrieve information for one of your many important clients or they need to search for past documents to complete a project, their time adds up pretty fast.

This time adds up so fast, in fact, that a recent study found that workers such as attorneys, doctors and accountants can spend well over 35% of their time dealing with documents. For people with important jobs like these, especially doctors, 35% is way too much time. What's even worse is that over half of this time is spent just searching for the documents.

You can drastically improve your company's productivity by switching to a document management system. In addition to that a document management system can also provide instant access to your entire database of information and data.

You can now Do More with Less. I'd be a fool to think that you do not want your business to grow. However, chances are that you think this means your staff will have to grow. Contrary to what many believe, a document management system allows you to automate certain processes letting you do more with less. This will empower your staff to work faster and more efficiently.

Be prepared for Better Customer Service. By giving your staff access to documents as well as data at the click of a mouse, customer inquiries are simple and fast. Your customers won't have to sit on hold for long periods of time any longer or wait for a call back. Your staff will be able to access all the necessary information instantaneously and even answer more calls throughout the day.

Get ready to Reduce Frustration. Employees can easily become dissatisfied with their jobs if they are forced to spend a majority of their time searching for information. Reduce their frustration with instant access to documents and keep them happy. This will not only reduce turnover, but new employees will be able to catch on quickly.

So, if you want to make your company run smoother and keep your customers and employees happy, then consider investing in a document management system. It may be one of the best business decisions you make.

Source: Office Product News
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