Monday, January 24, 2011

Fujitsu FTP-62D Thermal Printer

FujitsuFujitsu Components, one of the world's leaders in the development of thermal printers for over 20 years, has just announced their newest thermal printer product, the FTP-62D thermal print mechanism. Fujitsu's continued research in the field of thermal printer mechanisms has led them to create some of the best thermal printers in recent years, and they are looking to continue that trend with the FTP-62D, a thermal printer designed from the customer's point of view and one that has some pretty incredible capabilities.

There is a market demand right now for space-saving printers, and the FTP-62D could very well fill that demand. This compact model is a direct evolution of Fujitsu's current FTP628 printer family. This printer is designed to accommodate paper rolls that are located partially inside the printer module. This allows for the design of the FTP-62D to be small and compact so you can set it up almost anywhere. With the paper roll included you get a space-saving design that can save you up to 8mm in height, compared to your conventional printer, without compromising functionality.

What really stands out about the FTP-62D is the device's performance and capability. This device supports high speed printing of up to 100mm per second at 9.5V and is capable of handling large paper rolls in the minimum possible space. Full dimensions of the FTP-62D are 69.4mm (W) by 46mm (D) by 19mm (H) with a total weight of no more than 37g. The head pressure is controlled by a new innovative spring design that combines several functions including stable head pressure for the perfect results, a low mounting height and earthing the thermal head in order to prevent damage caused by ESD.

The FTP-62D has a minimum printing life of 100 million pulses/50km and also has label printing. If your office needs a new thermal printer as well as a printer that has great functionality and does not consume a lot of space, then look into the FTP-62D from Fujitsu.

Source: Office Product News

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