Monday, May 16, 2011

Things to Consider Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

multifunction printersSo, you are looking at buying a multifunction printer for your office, huh? Well, why shouldn't you? Multifunction printers have become an ideal tool for any type of office and are very useful due to the fact that you get an all-in-one printer, fax machine, scanner and copier in a single device leaving you with less clutter and a more professional office look and feel.

However, you can't just hop on over to Staples and pick up the first multifunction printer you see. I mean, you technically can do that, but don't you think you should weigh your options first? Here are a few things that you will want to consider before buying your first multifunction printer.

Speed. In general terms, the more you tend to spend on your multifunction printer, the faster print speeds you will get. This is typical of most printers and has been for some time. This goes double if color printing is involved and fast color printers can get very pricey.

DPI. Before you buy a multifunction printer, check out what its DPI rating is. DPI stands for dots per inch. Having a higher DPI allows you to have higher quality images when you print. It's kind of the same as a television's resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality.

Memory. The more memory you need means the more money you are going to have to spend. It's just like speed, if you want the best, then you are going to have to pay for the best. Home offices should shoot for a device that has around 8MB of memory with more traditional offices aiming for 16MB. This isn't a live or die guideline though. Figure out your printing needs ahead of time to determine your memory needs.

Test. The best thing you can do is test your multifunction printer before you buy it. If you start it up and you hate then interface, then you probably are not going to love it in the future. However, don't necessarily rule out a device that has complex functions, you may learn to use them well and find that they are extremely useful.

These are only a few things to consider before purchasing a multifunction printer. If you follow these guidelines and use some common sense, you should be just fine.

Source: Office Product News - Considerations Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

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