Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Contex XD2490 Soft Pack Transport Case

ContexContex, a world leader in the development of wide format scanning and imaging solutions, has just announced the availability of its Soft Pack Transport Case for the company's highly popular XD2490 24-inch wide format scanner.

The Soft Pack Transport Case is made with ballistic nylon and a closed-cell reusable foam cushioning system and is designed to protect the XD2490 from extreme shock and vibration. The XD2490 wide format scanner itself delivers exceptional reliability and image quality and is perfect for remote operations. The Soft Pack Transport Case is very lightweight and convenient weighing in at less than 50 pounds when combined with the XD2490.

According to Federal Sales Director for Context Ed Delaney, "This new, lightweight Soft Pack is ideal for customers who use the XD2490 wide format scanner for off-site engineering, architectural or GIS projects. This portable solution provides a secure and reliable way to protect the equipment and achieve high-quality scans remotely."

Since its release in September of 2009, the XD2490 scanner has received a lot of recognition due to its affordability as well as its lightweight and compact size. Being extremely and easily transportable, the XD2490 wide format scanner is used by a plethora of companies in AEC, land management and development, gas and oil exploration, and defense and intelligence.

If you own an XD2490 wide format scanner by Contex and you find yourself frequently traveling around with it, make sure you take care of it with something like the Contex Soft Pack Transport Case. You have a bag for your laptop and your luggage so why should your wide format scanner be any different?

Source: Office Product News - Contex Unveils Soft Pack Transport Case for XD2490 Wide Format Scanner

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