Monday, August 8, 2011

Questions to Ensure You're Outsourcing to a Green Company

Green PrintingLots of people and businesses are doing their best to make our world cleaner and more environmentally friendly by "going green". People are buying energy-efficient cars and companies are buying and producing more energy-efficient products in order to clean up the environment. Copiers are one of the biggest developments in "green technology" with many manufacturers trying to make extremely energy-efficient copiers. But how do you pick the right one?

In addition to going green in the office and getting an energy-efficient printer, a lot of companies will outsource printing jobs and look to do so with a company that is also being energy-efficient. The bad news is that a lot of places will claim to be "green" but it's the green from your wallet that they are really after.

So in order to pick the right print shop, you need to know a few key things to ask them before you jump right in. If you ask these questions, you should have no problem finding a company that is perfect for both you and the environment.

First off, you should inquire about what types of papers and inks the company uses. There is a plethora of green printing papers and inks available and if this company isn't taking advantage of them, you might want to look somewhere else. Next, you should ask if they recycle. Nowadays it is easier than ever to recycle and if your print shop doesn't, then they aren't being honest with you or the environment.

After that, ask how they handle their printing equipment. Are they using electronically efficient printing solutions? Do they leave their devices on 24 hours a day? These are clear indicators as to whether or not a company really does take green printing seriously.

These are just a few of the questions you can ask and, if you are truly green yourself, I'm sure you can think of a lot more. If you are truly looking for a real "green" printing solution to outsource jobs to, you should never hesitate to inquire as to whether or not the company you are entrusting your printing to is looking to help the environment or just says they are to make some more cash.

Source: Office Product News - Picking the Perfect Green Printer

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