Monday, October 17, 2011

New Document Processing Technology to Come from Canon-Oracle Partnership

CanonCanon is planning on working with Oracle to integrate its business copiers and printers with Oracle's database and server products. This is definitely an interesting partnership as you do not typically see names like Oracle and Canon in the same sentence. But, nevertheless, it is happening and should prove mutually beneficial for both companies.

The first step in the partnership will be made by Canon, whose subsidiary IT Solutions will sell a brand new platform that is capable of easily linking products like Canon's ImageRunner Advance copiers with Oracle's database, WebLogic and other offerings. The new platform will go on sale in January in Japan and then in the United States and Europe in the first half of the year.

Japanese companies, like Canon, are usually strong in developing advanced hardware. In addition to that, Canon also makes steppers for mass producing integrated circuits and is also a leading producer of high-end cameras. However, the company is considerably weaker in terms of software. The good news, for Canon at least, is that software and databases are now becoming a crucial part of the business copier and printer industry where documents are stored and processed digitally at an alarming rate.

Canon has stated that the tie-up will offer business solutions that include optical character recognition for saving documents as well as advanced features for combining and splitting PDF files. Canon also stated that in the near future, the company will work with Oracle in developing middleware for its online storage service and that the two companies will be working together in order to further develop and refine the Java programming language.

Canon has used Oracle's Java as the basis for third-party application development platform for its multifunction copiers a long time and the new joint development will extend that partnership, according to Canon spokesman Gota Fumoto.

Source: PC World - Canon, Oracle to Develop Document Processing Technology

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