Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just A Few Things You May Need To Know Before Choose A Copier

It should come as a surprise to no one that copiers can be expensive. In basically any type of office setting, they can have one or two people waiting to copy or print something, or a line of people waiting angrily for the "paper jam" to get fixed for the 7th time that day. Maybe you think that it's time to invest in a new copier? Perhaps you have some that you have in mind already? The worst part about buying new technology, especially office technology, is that many employers will go in blind on the subject and not have any background information at the products they're looking at. This can cause a problem. You don't want to jump at the first thing you see. There are some things that you need to consider. Questions you may need to ask yourself before you decide to say, "This copier will be a good long term investment."

Let's say that you are a business that uses a copier only once in a while. Should you go for a copier that is coupled with printing and scanning features, you can usually get them for a low price. They may even come bundled with a PC. There is a downside to these however. Depending on your dependency on these types of copiers, you could be spending more money than you had anticipated. These types of copiers use inkjet cartridges. These little guys can get very, very expensive. Because of the pricey nature of these cartridges, many copiers use toner cartridges now. The refills can be around $40, but they're way less expensive in the long run.

Speaking of ink, many people think that they're going to need a full color printer. These people clearly don't get just how much ink and toner cartridges can cost. You could easily be spending three times as much as you would if you were to just stick with basic black. Color documents are always a bit more enticing to look at, but is it really worth the extra cash out of the company's budget? I didn't think so either. After all, these copiers can be expensive enough already.

Perhaps you want a copier that can double as a scanner. You're in luck. Many of the new copiers these days come with a myriad of features, and among those features is a scanning feature. Since technology has come as far as it has, many new copiers will come with network cards. This basically means that you can connect the copiers to your computer network and have then use the scanning feature to have the image linked to your office computer. Definitely a plus, and a money saver.

Since we're on the subject of money saving, why don't we talk about owning the printer outright. Again, these products can be EXPENSIVE. You would be much better off leasing or renting from a company. Obviously each has their own pros and cons, but think of all the good that could be done if renting was your option. Anytime there was some maintenance that needed to be performed on the machine, or if there was an actual malfunction happening, the company renting the device to you is responsible, not you. A fixed monthly or annual rate can be discussed, and soon your office could be working with a brand new, up to date copier!

When you deal with these types of upgrade decisions, always make sure you research the product before you jump into the deep end with them. Business is all about spending as little as you can to make as much as you can, and rentals can definitely help with that!

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  1. My boss is trying to pick out a better copier for the office. Our old copier gave all of us so much grief. My boss always picks really cheap copiers that malfunction easily. I think you make a good point about renting a copy machine. If a rental breaks down then it wouldn't be entirely our responsibility and the company renting the device to us would fix it for us or rent a new one to us. I didn't know that there were companies that rent out copy machines. This information has been very helpful! Thanks for posting!

    Paul O. Herman |

  2. I need an office copy machine for my business. The thing that I am concerned about is the idea that it might go out of "style" relatively quickly. What I mean is that technology could change and my copier may become obsolete. I can't imagine it would be as quickly as a personal printer machine though?


  3. Thanks for all your advice and pointers on choosing copy machines, you have actually helped me win a little battle here in the office. We have had the same copy machine for like 10 years and the thing was a real trooper, but it recently died. We have been looking for a new one and half the office wanted a color copy/print machine and the other half just wanted a really good black and white copy/print machine. With your advice we will be getting a black and white, we do not need any color things for the printing we do here in the office. It would have been just an expensive novelty. Now we can move forward with choosing the specific model we want. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the tips! I am looking to purchase my first copier. I have always just used the local copy shop but now I'm moving out of town. I wish I could keep using the shop though!

  5. Copiers definitely are expensive. that is why I am consulting this blog to learn more before I pull the trigger. I never would have thought of buying a fax/copier/printer combo unless I read this, because I would only use the copier maybe like once per week.
    Mark Leach |

  6. This list proved very helpful when we were choosing a copier for the office. We know it is a crucial business tool to have, and I am glad we finally have a good one. We just have to make sure to keep it working the way we need it to. If we stay on top of it, it shouldn't be a problem.

  7. Yesterday, I need to finish my research paper, but the school photocopier wasn't working properly. I had to go to the copy store to get the photocopies I needed before turning in my paper to my professor. I hope I can get a really good grade. I worked really hard on this project.

  8. My company has a printer and it also have a scanning feature. They decided that it was better for them to rent it because that is constant things that the company is going to need to fix with the printer and it's better to rent because the company also send out technicians. It sounds like the best thing is to rent to save money, like the article said.

  9. It's really helpful to know what kind of maintenance will be required with different copiers. I've been considering getting a copier for my consulting business since I think it will help save a lot of time and money. Now that I know what kind of servicing it's going to need, I can plan for those expenses.

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