Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The New GEI 5636 by GEI WideFormat

The New GEI 5636 by GEI WideFormat
Visual Edge Technology Company, GEI WideFormat, has announced the new GEI 5636 engineering copier as part of the GEI WideFormat product line.

The new copier has output speeds of 10 D-size prints-per-minute and features an easy-access clamshell design, a front copy exit tray which holds 99 D-size drawings, and a color LCD touch-panel interface. Changing toner and paper is easy to do with front-loading drawers that hold four rolls of 500-foot-long media. It also gives users the ability to preview thumbnails before printing, allowing for better conservation of materials.

The GEI 5636 also features an embedded color scanner, which makes sure that changes and additions are capture and circulated effortlessly. In addition, the external printer controller will interface with inkjet printers for complete colorcopy systems.

"We are very pleased to provide our customers with such an exciting new product. The GEI 5636 has innovative features, such as color scanning, paired with ultra-fast output speeds," the President of GEI WideFormat, Roger Ilgen, said of the copier in a press release.

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