Friday, October 16, 2009

Z Corporation's ZPrinter 350 Creates 3D Objects

ZPrinter 350Everybody knows that 3D is way better than plain old 2D and now, thanks to Z Corporation, you can finally print actual 3D objects right at your workplace. The ZPrinter 350 is the world's first automated, monochrome 3D printer. Z Corporation is no stranger to 3D printers and like the other ones in their inventory, the ZPrinter 350 converts 3D data into physical models. The ZPrinter 350 comes with a host of high-end functions like snap-in binder cartridges, self-monitoring operation, 0.8in/hour vertical build speed, 300x450 dpi resolution, automatic material loading, integrated recycling of unused build materials, control from both desktop and printer, 8x10x8 inch build size, office safe building materials, aggressive dust control and absolutely zero liquid waste.

The ZPrinter prints in STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS and ZPR and is compatible with Windows XP Professional as well as Windows Vista Business/Ultimate. The ZPrinter constructs completely 3D models in white. The models are made out of high performance composite and show an impressive amount of detail once finished. According to John Kawola, CEO of Z Corporation, "The ZPrinter 350 gives a lot more engineering departments access to advanced 3D printing technology at a value price. ZPrinting is going to improve the quality of their products, speed their developmental processes and ultimately help the bottom line."

In addition to all the great features that come with he ZPrinter 350, you also get all the advantages of the entire ZPrinter line. The 350 comes with things like the
Zprinter 350 3D Modelindustry's lowest operating cost (about one-fifth the cost of other technologies), breakthrough ease of use by performing most tasks automatically, high resolution which allows the printing of complicated geometries with precise detail, fast print speed running five to ten times faster than all other systems, high throughput to easily print multiple models at the same time, and safety and office compatibility by not having any large supports which may need to be cut or dissolved by hazardous chemicals.

The ZPrinter 350 definitely seems like a top notch machine and looks to greatly improve your 3D model making needs. If you want to put this thing in your office, be prepared to drop about $26,000. A small price to pay incredible 3D models made right next to your cubicle. The ZPrinter 350 is available now through Z Corporation's reseller network or website.

Source: Office Product News

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