Sunday, January 19, 2014

8 Reasons to Rent A Copier for Corporate Events

Renting a copier makes perfect sense in many circumstances. For example when you need a copier for a corporate event. Most company events are for a few days or a just week. Having a copier at your event is something you will need that you can't always get from the home office. 

Here are 8 other reasons to rent a copier: (Source:

1. If you need a big copier the logistics of getting it to the event may be worth renting a copier.
2. Buying a copier for a three day event or even a month long event generally does not make sense. 
3. A copier rental charge is generally tax deductible for most businesses. 
4. The copier rental company will install and service the copier during the event. 
5. If you need extra capacity during the event you can order additional copier capacity.
6. Networking copier to computers is a service that is generally available.
7. Copier rental fees can be charged to American Express, Visa, Master Charge, Paypal for easy transactions.
8. More options on the variety of equipment such as 11x17 format, color, collate, staple etc.

Other reasons to rent a copier include: company marketing projects, year-end financial reports, temporary offices, convention services, and special projects! 

Copier Rentals are available to rent for a day, a week, a month or even longer.

*Sources that offer all 8 reasons for copier rentals: - Austrailia -UK - United States New York, New York -Worldwide


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