Monday, October 4, 2010

EFI Fiery Servers Power Xerox's New Color 550/560 Printer

Xerox LogoEFI began shipping two Fiery servers for the new Xerox Color 550/560 Printer last Friday. The EX Print Server, which is powered by Fiery, as well as the Integrated Fiery Color Server enhance productivity and also deliver high color quality through intuitive and easy to use tools and workflows.

According to John Henze, Vice President of Marketing, Fiery Division, EFI, "As evident by our long history of powering Xerox presses and printers, Fiery servers continue to be the digital front end of choice for businesses of all sizes. We're excited to bring these new solutions to the marketplace, providing a 30 percent increase in performance over the previous generation among other stand out enhancements."

The Fiery Server's smart RIP technology boosts performance immensely by allowing one page to be printed at the same time that subsequent pages are being processed. This allows more pages to be printed per hour. In addition to that, users have the ability to let Fiery Hot Folders and Virtual Printers automate the print submission process which saves time when printing repetitive types of jobs. For an end-to-end PDF workflow, the EX Printer Server gives users a choice of Adobe CPSI or native PDF workflows with APPE.

In addition to high performance, Fiery servers provide unparalleled color to quick printers, commercial printers, in-plant CRDs and creative service organizations. The new Fiery Image Enhance feature improves the output quality of digital pictures by applying corrections automatically in order to optimize each image individually for all Fiery supported files. Fiery Spot-on makes sure the best match of PANTONE colors and streamlines workflow with standardized corporate color palettes. Other advanced graphic arts tools used for proofing, prepress and color management are also available.

Fiery Technology is well-known for their intuitive user interfaces as well as their easy to use applications. These new servers operate with the Fiery Command WorkStation job and device management console. This centralizes the whole print workflow and connects to all Fiery servers on the network. This also eliminates bottlenecks as well as maximizes engine utilization which raises productivity and profit potential on every job. In addition to all this, Fiery SeeQuence Impose offers an intuitive imposition tool that automates prepress tasks.

The Fiery VUE application, which is targeted at the office environment, allows users to easily print professional looking booklets as well as other documents by interacting with their documents on-screen in 3D to sculpt and then preview exactly what the finished product will look like after printing.

Great features along with a great company, it looks like Xerox is continuing to stay on top of the printer game with every new product they produce.

Source: Office Product News
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