Friday, October 1, 2010

Things To Consider Before Buying A Small Business Copier

Small business owners need to be able to advertise and produce certain papers in bulk. So the purchase of a copier is a natural step for up and coming small businesses. With a lot of home copiers coming in combinations of printers and fax machines, and many business copiers being large and full of unnecessary features, the decision on which copier to buy can be confusing. Here are a few things to look for in a small business copier that will save time and money.

Black and white or color?

The decision between a black and white or color copier really depends on the business. Color copying takes longer, requires more ink, and the copier is more expensive when first purchased and in the long run. At the same time color copying is essential if the copier is going to be used to make fliers or banners to promote the business. Color fliers look more professional and eye-catching. If the copier is just going to be used to print off memos and paperwork, then go with a black and white only copier, and if advertising is going to be done, go with color.

Paper handling and response time

The whole point in purchasing a copier is to save time, so buying a copier that needs single sheets fed through or a paper tray that needs to be refilled three times a day defeats that purpose. To make your copier efficient make sure it can handle at least 250 pieces of paper in the copy tray to minimize refills. Copiers are also notorious for their warm up times, and a long warm up time can also defeat the purpose of owning a copier in the first place. Some copiers today offer a short warm up time of around one minute for larger copiers and even ten seconds for smaller personal copiers.


A good copier doesn't just copy papers. A copier worth buying can also can handle index cards, transparencies and other heavier media. Versatility in a copier is a must, and it is essential to buy a copier that can handle everything you throw at it. A good feature to look for is a flatbed copying surface so the copier can copy pages from books and manuals as well.

Money saving features

Higher end copiers can have features that make up for the large initial price. One important feature to look for is duplexing, which is printing on both sides of the page. If used correctly, this feature can literally cut paper costs in half. Some copiers can also switch from color printing to strictly black and white. By doing a little research on which features are needed for a specific business a lot of costs can be cut by purchasing the right copier.

Like a computer or printer a copier is a big purchase for a small business, and an important one in taking said business into the technological age. With the right copier for that specific business the work load can be lessened and former tedious tasks can be made simple.
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