Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Rent a Copier for the Holidays?

This holiday season is the same as every other holiday season for businesses. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the best time of the year to advertise and promote a business and let everyone know what you're all about. At the beginning of October most businesses switch into high gear and advertise harder than they have all year, and the perfect opportunity to ease the workload is by renting a copier. Many businesses are familiar with computer rental, but it may be time to consider a copier as well.

Some business owners scoff at the idea at renting such a heavy piece of machinery for a short period of time such as the holidays, but with a good copier the possibilities are endless. The most obvious use for holiday advertising with a copier are print fliers. They may seem pointless in such a tech heavy age, but no email makes as much of an impact as a paper and ink flier that is tangible in a potential customer's hand. While an email will simply be dragged to the trash folder, a paper flier will go from the customer's hand, to their kitchen table, possibly to another family member's hand, and countless other places before it hits the waste bin.

A good copier is versatile and can do a lot more than print out papers. Sticking in a potential customer's mind can be difficult, so business cards are always good to have on hand. Copiers that are more heavy-duty can handle other media besides paper and spit out hundreds of business cards effortlessly, and this can save a lot of money for business owners who have been ordering business cards from third party companies.

Another potential idea for a rented copier is printing out mailers for repeat customers. This seems similar to passing out paper flier advertisements, but mailing things to loyal customers adds a personal touch. Sending something in the mail to customers in the business's address database can let the customer know that they're not just another faceless spender and remind them of why they shopped there in the first place. Having a copier rented can make this process much easier and expedite it quite a bit.

While a copier is a large machine that would cost a good chunk of change to purchase, renting a copier can make advertising for the holiday season a breeze. Reaching customers is the first step in making lasting business-customer relationships, and with a copier it is effortless to do so.
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